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I would love to see a Template dedicated tot the Solopreneur. Would love to see page templates for other categories of solopreneur...
Web Design/Manager/Host
Audio/Video Editor
SEO Manager/Services
Graphic Designer
Personal IT Support

You could call it:
JSN Solo (i.e. solopreneur)
JSN Uno (1 in Spanish :D )
JSN ProLo (Lo from Solo... Not that great but I think it sounds cool)
JSN ProNo (Not sure)
JSN 1Pro
JSN iPro (Apple may try to sue if you use this name)
JSN 1PO (President & Operator, or President & Owner)
JSN IPO (Same as above, but using an I to play off of the Business IPO option when a company in the US goes public.
JSN Entre (entrepreneur )
JSN WAO (We Are One)
JSN GWCJ (Guy/Girl with Computer & Joomla/JoomlaShine)
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