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[color=red]This blog post was updated on March 21st, 2017[/color]

Nowadays, many Joomla! template and extension providers offer interesting Affiliate Program with an attractive commission. It’s good to see that so many companies working on Joomla! market are giving a chance to bloggers to make some money. One of the most important things that all affiliates want to understand clearly is the payment process. In this blog post, I will show you how JoomlaShine pays commission for affiliates.

Send money by most popular method - Paypal

Choosing the right payment method is important: it should be secure, popular and have a reasonable payment processing fee. Taking into account the above aspects we have chosen PayPal as the major payment method for affiliates. Till now, we haven’t had any trouble with Paypal in our Affiliate program. [CENTER][/CENTER] We are happy to support affiliates and are ready to continue improvements. Now, let’s move to the payment processing in our system and get to know what happens behind the scenes.

Pay monthly commission within the first week

In most affiliate programs, the standard terms note that affiliates get paid once a month for the referrals earned the previous month. Some companies clearly state that the payout happens at the end of a month, others in the middle. In the case of the JoomlaShine Affiliate Program, we process the payment within the first week of a month. In the image below you can see that some of our affiliates were paid on the 2nd of May.

We really appreciate the time and efforts of affiliates and so we speed up the payment process. We need only 30 days to keep the order clean and make sure that the customer is satisfied and doesn’t wish to get their money back via our Money Back Guarantee.

Offer the low minimum payout

We believe that each cent matters to affiliates. The standard minimum payout in our program is down to $25. Thus, you will get your money even with just 1 referral sale. After sending the payment we notify affiliates via emails through the PostAffiliatePro system in order to make sure that affiliates don’t have any problems with receiving the money. The image below is the standard email sent to affiliates with information about earnings for the previous month. [CENTER][/CENTER] [CENTER]Mailbox of PostAffilitePro system[/CENTER]

Stay longer, get more money

As you might notice, the commission in our system is different from others. If you stay with us longer and bring in more sales, you get a higher commission, up to 40%. One of the affiliates in the image below has reached this level within 2 months and now he gets about nearly $600 per month on average. [CENTER][/CENTER] [CENTER]Commissions control panel[/CENTER]

In conclusion, for those who are not familiar with the JoomlaShine Affiliate Program, we officially launched it in November 2012. During that time we have constantly improved the service by writing Affiliate tutorials and by making creative banners. If you are interested in the JoomlaShine Affiliate program feel free to join it here. For any further questions, we’re open to discuss via the reply box.
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