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  4. Google Recommends Static content be delivered from a Cookie-less Domain
Domains with cookies "slow" down delivery of static content as nothing ever changes on them, but the cookies still have to be accessed and uploaded/downloaded for that content.
My plan for the sites that I believe might benefit from this is to create a sub-domain that points to the same root folder as the primary domain, or maybe one specifically for the images folder and one for the template folder (I haven't decided yet)... The problem is that while I can modify my articles/modules to load images and other files from the static domain, the only way I can get the template to load static images, css and js files from a static domain is to go in and modify the code of the template... Not something I want or am prepared to do. I wanted to post here and see if JSN would consider adding a setting to their template whereby we could set the domain to load the static content for the template. I would also love to see this setting enabled for the JSN Joomla Extensions.
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