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I bought a template in Envato and I really liked it. When I went to install the files I had a great surprise because what was presented to me was not what I had seen in the page presented in the Envato but a simplified version and the version that I liked was not what I paid for but another one, a call PRO what should I pay plus a fee? !!!! Just the beginning of my problems.
When I start to use the template I discover that it has a plugin called POWER ADMINISTRATION that does not allow me to change the module names. I can not find multiple sessions in the template home.
I will upgrade to Joomla 3.6.5 and the template gives these errors.
Please. I need your help as soon as possible because I only got this template on a Sunday because of the need to put my site in the air urgently.
I am waiting for an urgent solution.
and FINALLY, look at the my ticket and see that I bought the version PRO at Envato, and I need to receive the version pro.. The name if is Pro or no doens´t matter to me. I just need the site with the funcionalities.
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