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I have an idea... but this is more of a marketing/business model idea. In the last year I have joined several groups on FaceBook for web developers and sadly many of the developers are WordPress only, or WordPress focused... As such I have seen that many developers are focused on a single template for their work... They use something like GeneratePres, OceanWP, or Divi... On top of that many of them use a builder like Elementor or BeaverBuilder... I realize you all have done really well with your many templates but I think you are missing a part of the market....

I think with the Shine or Blank Template (Shine because it was the first on the new framework and named after your company, Blank because it is more geared towards starting with a "blank" canvas) you could make a push for one of these templates to be THE template that a web agency would want to use for Joomla...

One way I could see a big push working would be a competition to have users create various designs using one of those 2 templates and PageBuilder 3. Have them upload previews and restore files.

But for this to work there needs to be an easy way to backup/restore template designs created in the template and content created in PB3
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