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Ideas Uniform:
In uniform it would be cool if you could make the forms more beautiful, even without CSS knowledge. e.g. embed fonts used by the template (Google fonts). Also distances (margin, padding) should be more flexible. You should be able to assign pictures to a radio button or a checkbox, so you could make a very simple shopping cart form.

Ideas ImageShow:
Beautiful rollover effects within the galleries. Customize the design of the galleries. Whole image folders should be able to be placed on the web server to generate galleries. Optimal downscaling of the image sizes.

Ideas EasySlider:
The tool is almost too complex. Better UI. Animation help, e.g. prefabricated animations

They're just ideas. I have been working with your products for many years and these ideas were born during your daily work.

I think the PB3 is ingenious. Also there it would be nice to have rollover effects that animate a tile.
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