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  4. Is there any future support within JSN Power Admin to support HikaShop?
I installed the JSN Power Admin but noticed that there is no support for the HikaShop component. With out support for HikaShop, I am not sure if the JSN Power Admin is worth me keeping or not.

Is there any plan to support HikaShop in the future? I am not so sure what I can do with Power Admin without support for HikaShop since my Webstore is based on using the HikaShop shopping cart.

While I am able to use Power Admin, it seems as though I only have partial use of it. I am not sure that I see the value in keeping Power Admin with out support of HikaShop.

Does anyone using Power Admin also have a HikaShop webstore? If so, can someone advise how much of Power Admin can be used on a HikaShop store?

I would like to know if it is worth keeping Power Admin or not or if I will wind up doing more harm then good keeping Power Admin. I am just not sure at this point what features of Power Admin will work and what will not with Joomla 3.8 and HikaShop.

If anyone can advise I would greatly appreciate any information that can be provided. I would also be interested in purchasing the Pro version if it's worth keeping without HikaShop support. I hope someone can share any thoughts on this

Thank you!

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