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  4. JSN Extension Framework GEN 1 plugin v2.1.6 is released.
This is a security release for JSN extension framework gen 1 plugin. JSN extension framework to be used by all JoomlaShine extenions, not templates. This release fixed a security issue:
* Removing the example files included in file upload Jquery library
These files may allow unrestricted file uploads without any authorization which could lead to a vulnerable security breach.
Thankfully, with the support from the JoomlaShine community, we are able to find this issue and fix it before any critical breach.
Please update to the latest version to avoid this type of security breach in the future. Note that you just need to update JSN Extension Framework without uninstalling it, then all the example files will be removed.
Once again, thank you, JoomlaShine community, for your trust and contribution.
You can download the package here and install it manually via Joomla! Installer.
David Nguyen,
CEO of
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