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One question before I renew my Developer Licence.

I live in Quebec Canada, I NEED both languages, do you have the french translation?

My Pro version 1.2.2 (my license expired when testing) seems to have only the English language install?

If you don’t have the french translation & I choose JSN PageBuilder, I WILL CREATE A FULL french translation and I’m willing to GIVE IT TO YOU.

I guess it is not a problem because you are using the native Joomla ini files system — DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM?

When I go with an extension, I do everything to help. I already prepare a text that resumes my 2 years of testing of all other Joomla Page Builder and WHY I CHOOSE JSN.

I also explain WHY it is the perfect Drag & Drop for Joomla today and why some of the more popular one’s out there are NOT what Joomla needs to regain its right marketplace besides the crappy WP/Gutenberg solution
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