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Change the width

The site is not optimized for mobile devices

Search result position

Menu icons have disappeared

undefined variable

Template styles missing after Joomla update

Updating JSN Framework

Joomla Update broke Easyslider

Problem after update

Problems with System - JSN Framework plugin

dome pro mobile menu no more showing

Icons for print, email and edit

Missing mobile menu icon

After Framework Update extreme problems!

Home page menu disappeared

jsn_dome header & Menu full size

Error page with Joomla 3.8.8

jsn_dome - megamenu is not working


loadposition not working on jsn_dome footer modul

Menu X issue

Tendo PRO (original version) mobile menu problem

Error page with Joomla 3.8.8

Page not alligned properly

Article in format like modules

Mossing menu icon on mobile

Mossing menu icon on mobile

Change template layout

after update to 3.8.0 problems

Featured articles don't show

I need Info for EU-DSGV

how to adjust different indents

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

Where to set bg_image?

Where to define width for header and footer?

Website not rendering properly after 3.6.5 upgrade

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

install sample data fail

Whats new in 3.1.0?

UniIcons and Photos on JSN CUBE demo page

Empty Submenu on Homepage

Sticky Menu for mobile pages not working

CLicking on articles to edit in back-end shows blank page

JSN Gruve and Uniform Recaptcha issue

Modify CSS from Administrator

Question about JSN Gruve after update to Joomla 3.9.1

Change Title Tag of Home Page

Compatible with Joomal 3.9?

Issue with code breaking in sample page- Gruve

Canonical tag on home page

Source folder not found

Middle parts slipped to the right

Mystery paypal button

can't update framework to 3.24

Menu Icons all the same after upgrading Framework Pixel Pro

Update Framework problems

Can't get megamenu to work

Make the site wider on desktops and laptops

making images/text responsive

Cant make Mega Menu

Remove coloured background from JSN Pixel pro

divmenu got problem

Mobility Issues with Vintage and Epic Templates...

How do i edit the icons in the middle?

How can i change the upload size?

Links no longer work after update

Custom CSS won't update front end

Where to paste token?

Caixa submenu

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Menu Icon gone from mobile JSN Decor Pro

Open submenu on mobile

Joomla 3.9.0 Upgrade now have layout issues

Joomla 3.9.0 Javascript Errors?

JNS Decor top page locations

Error with jsn_decor and smartslider3


test 2



JSN Kido 1 Error when Updating to Joomla 3.8.5

Problem with Template Kido / Virtuemart cart

Problem with menu on mobile devices

Spanish for Virtuemart

remove description and image

short description on products


How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

Accorion module

Problem with menu on the mobile

JSN Neon for JomSocial 4.1

How to install and configuration JomSocial style

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

Top accordion Module

Problem with extension JomSocial

Megamenu disappears on mobile device

getting false update notices

JSN Air mobile menu not working

intro image and title only in category layout?

broken code

Logo will not show

modules won't center

font type/style h1, h2, h6

The meta doesn't contain quotation mark

Administrationf of template missing

problems with the div menu

Recent Template updates have broken the menu!

JSN Mico

Bullets don't vertically align with menu text after update

Why does my Micro template not update?

menu dots are shiftet on IE and Edge

JSN Mico Pro G1 - Broken after Update to J!3.8.0

Position chooser error

Error 0 Using $this when not in object context

Edit content box

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

Google Plus Icon not displaying?

Strange code inserted on Homepage

Menu formatting incorrectly

No mobile menu

Social Icons

css ignored

Social icons are "empty"

Call to a member function displayMediaThumb() on null

How add new font to specific pages on site

social icon fonts are missing

Modul position right

odd Problem with Banner Position

Main Menu

PHP Notice

Social Media items don't display


Template has issue with Responsive on Mobile

Error on installation...

After update joomle the frontend shows no template

Update to Joomla 3.8.2 has broken website (template CSS)

Strange Preview

Mobile menu problem

Background color of the footer menu

Mega menu problem on SKY PRO

Layout problems in mobile version

Newsflash module not displaying article title since update

"favicon" in the template jsn_metro

JSN Metro Pro Compression problem & module styling question

poweradmin cannot show content-bottom

how to use the content top effect to another page ?

Mijoshop jQuery and metro Mega Menu

Metro Pro, clock disappeared T_T

problem to add or edit post in Kunena

how to remove middle white bar

Unable to edit template files in JSN Metro PRO after update

Main Menu - Center Align?

site lost images and text is moved to the right

site lost colours / css formatting ?

Custom Module Widths for Different Pages

Solid PRO footer menu problem

width of dropdown items in the main menu

Google Fonts exclude from template

Updating template without loosing changes


How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking

How to add additional Meta Tags, OL and geo.

SEO Problem

More room

Changing background color in modul positions

Problem with editing a side - system hanging up

Main menu not loading properly

Article Title Color Change

Rotating Background Images

changing yo yo slider!

blog module sort by year

This theme from phone look not well.

JS Errors in JSN Yoyo Template Framework

YoYo 1 Top menu with inline logo

How to disable header-top display at home?

JSN Image Show

JSN ImageShow: Launch Pad

start image

add xing icon to social media icons and linking

mega menu

Menu hover effect issue

Footer position in JSN Venture template

Sidebar disappears with scroll- only in Chrome

event view from ohanah events is lost


Please read this topic before asking

Map Problem with javascript

Make company name different color on all pages/articles.

Print button will not dissapear after option hide

How to setup mega menu step by step.

Ark Editor not working properly in JSN GLASS

Site META Data

Homepage ImageSlider

Labels are right of the fields in the cart

Module does not show on Homepage

WHat are all the munu class suffixes please?

im trying to merge modified files to a template upgrade

wrong corsa

How to config JSN Corsa

Attention: Changelog about JSN Corsa extension

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking


RTL Support in JSN Corsa PRO

Megamenu not working with PHP 7.2

Reduce space

Right justify link

Templates do not update in 3.8.0

where to remove the link and white bottom

blank page

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Please read this topic before asking


JSN Blank PRO & Menu Metadata

WhiteScreen in Frontend after Update 3.8.7 to 3.8.8

I updated Joomla 3.8.8. and pages does not work anymore.


Menu transparent like with Reta2

problem with pb3 content from article

How Is this still a Bug!!!! Unbelievable!

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

Front end issue after Joomla update (3.80)

JSN Megazine and Pagebuilder 3

Where to change CSS to center megamenu

TypeError on JSN Megazine Template

Main Menu is Invisible in mobile

error message in the frontend

Please help with template layout and menu.

PHP error when updating Joomla to 3.8._

JSN Megazine stops working in newer Joomla releases

class = "fullwidth" is missing


Tables in my site are poorly displayed on smart devices

About scrollTo

Icons changing

I have problem with the https

FaceBook Pixel Code - JSN Mini Pro

Home page suddenly scrambled

White page after updating to Joomla 3.8.0

Where are the 130+ jsn-icon codes?

load awesome font 5 in Jsn_one_pro

Issue with getting many files from template

Joomla 3.8 update broke the template layout

One pro template frontpage imageShow configuration problems

menu item are in the middle of the page CSS code

Promo header graphic not fully justified

Promo position white space


How to config J2Store Component for JSN One

FORCE Compatible with Joomla 3.9.1? Php 7?

HTTPS in Shop not working

The word 'Array' is standing at all prices

Shopping Cart not working in Template

Virtuemart 3.2.6 -> Call to a member function displayMediaThumb() on null

adding fonts

BX-Loading problem with Chrome and Edge with JSN Force

Mixed content issue at JSN Force with Virtuemart pages

Different Taxes not showing

Problems with Updates on Fidem 2

Random elements appear in the template

Social media icons don't appear

Mobile layout issues

menu issue with mobile devices since upgrade

Social media icons missing

JGive problem in JSN Fidem PRO


Mobile Menu icon does not show

How to send your confidential info to JSN Support?

JSN Time Pro - display sub-menu in more than 1 column

About Top page youtube

Help needed with featured videos

Can’t install “JSN Modified Files List” File

Last Recorded IP not show!

Captcha-recaptcha doesnt show on registration page

font size and color

about css

JSN Ferado looks very different from Demo

Mobile menu icon not active or inconsistent

Problems after upgrading to 3.8

Page Builder Permissions

template error after updating to joomla 3.8

PageBuilder Stopped Working

Disply on Iphone is wrong

Front-End Editing

Padlock issue

The english menu not shown in modulposition 'mainmenu'

Gap below slider on JSN Dona

Template seems to cause INSECURE with Google Chrome when using HTTPS

Menu customization

ImageShow is broken.. do I need to upgrade to Version 2?

add various favicon sizes to the tag

Unevenly spaced Main menu items

Search Engine Friendly URLs don't work in RETA PRO

RETA PRO not allowing full modal box to appear in JEvents

how is this done in reta pro?

And again GDPR - no more Webfonts from Google are allowed

Page width the mobile menu is activated

JSN Reta page index page not working fully

Artista modifications

dot title doesn't show like the others.

Problem : reconnection each time

Problem after updating framework

mobile Logo too big on small displays

Joomla 3.8 Update broke Plugin JSNTemplateFramework

with optimization

strange error

Last bug befor tech. support finish

Page Builder & Page Builder 2 problems

Sticky-positions should switch in and out on mouseclick

JSN Levart default business font changed after update

How to remove Levart and Built with (Heart) from Joomlashine

Button link styles

how to get css and used?

Change Home Page Icons

Sub Menus Do not Show for Menus

Errors on the page []

Problem with joomla update

How do you remove the "index.php" from the URL?

Main Menu is distorted. Need help

Edit Text with PageBuilder is not possible

Site crashed after Joomla Update

I have problem with my web - in Internet Explorer.

Easy blog theme breaks when updating the blog component

Edit slide show' popup

JSN Medis website is loading very slow

Content not showing up when link opened

No Mega Menu Option

Link Speedbump Help

Headings won’t stay H1

the drop down button not auto load.

Installed JSN Boot, got Standard. please help

RE: Installed JSN Boot, got Standard. please help

Problem modules top

Sub menu problem


Article titles not showing in JSN Gruve website

Fiem FREE - Error message when upgrade to PHP 7.2 +

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