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Plugin joomla JCH optmize

Help removing extra space

Delete by joomlashine

font size

page box width

Menu Style

How can I add a hyperlink on the sidemenu title

Problems installing JSN-Solid 2

How to change Headers size in Blog page

"Read more" as button

RE: First letter in box

add LINE social icon

Need to put stick module with internal link/icons

First letter in box

Footer not on the bottom of the screen

Template doesn't display colours set for Headings

How do I change the colours of the buttons on the button element

Page Title inserted into Breadcrumb as H2

Custom Class Not Working

Problem with the length of blocks on the main page

RE: module position issue

module position issue

Megazine 2 - "Main Body"

Mobile devices issue google search console report

Page builder not working and sub menus also

menu-sidemenu horizontal

The template Jomsocial JSN Metro 2 does not work on "All Members"

JSN Metro 2 - Remove MORE DEMOS Sticky Button

Iframe error

0 Class 'JsnExtFwAssets' not found

Broken Format after Update

Menu does not work on smart phone

Table layout on Smartphones

main manue at the top of the page

What search extension do you think is best?

Problems converting from Pixel Pro to Pixel 2 Pro

Replacing Image Slideshow with Easy Slider

Video Gallery Component no working after Template Update

JSN Pixel 2 main menu

Firefox Top Sites Logo

fixed logo in sticky header

adding a footer

Problems with the main menu ...

Change font colour of form fields and tables

safing template style configuration - "invalid token" message appears

Store display

Problems with the store

Update for New updated J2store Products Module

error mobile display

Change off-canvas width and background color.

Mega menu from side menu.

Module position not saved

Hamburger Menu in Desktop View

Side menu problem view

Help with some minor issues

Mobile 'hamburger' icon styling

Link color won't change using custom css

JSN Ferado 2 - Gtranslate 3.7.5 - issue

I cannot access my template "system" tab

Mobile navigation drop down box padding

Can t save additional photo.


Reta 2 1.1.3 error, component com_osproperty not found

openStreet Map not working

RE: Searchmask CSS not visible properly

Searchmask CSS not visible properly

JSN Reta 2 template installation issue

how to replace the blog placeholder images

RTL not working with Latest K2_v2.10.3 -

Call to a member function get() on null

Image not displayed when posting to FB

display articles based on tag

Recaptcha on registration form?

won't publish comments

mobil site icon

Google analytics extension or code?

Change Link color

Link Color in Article

How to get full width container using Page Builder 3?

JS_DONA2 redirecting to home page

Incorrect background color

colors for the responsive main menu

Megamenue in Smartphone and Tablett

Title text in Browser

Moving Site from test to existing Website

How can I create a menu in more then one column?

Use of undefined constant JPATH_COMPONENT

Registration form not working

cellpadding in table not working with EduCare

Why is my Metadata description not reflecting on my website?

Help needed on Internal Server Error installing templates

Is Decor 2 an update for original Decor?

Getting error with helper.php line 288

How to move position of sections?

PHP version compatibility

Custom HTML Lower than LOGO image

Remove "Template by JoomlaShine"

Errore in Decor 2

Help with custom.css please.

Form submission giving error

unable to change the colour

Unable to login to backend -spmanpower website

Add Script Jquery



How to make "hoover" effect like team images

Icon Failures

Problems with onepage footer menu

Custom coming soon page not working

RE: no Module color

RE: no Module color

no Module color

How to center the menu?

Sample Data for Venture 2 is missing

Voyage login module setup css can not work!

Image in article not responsive

how to make the bottom of the website image also bright? not dark

Error on K2 pages

Show Branding Unticked but still showing

pagebuilder articles not working

conflict with acymailer

Eliminate Main Menu line

Font is not accepted

Mouse Scroll in Mini

many Problems

Problem with background image

Template problem

Error when updating to 1.1.0

Error updating page

Selected content color not applied

Offcanvas left Size

Help Changing Menu Text Color on Smartphone

Cannot install Force 2

Illegal string offset

False update request

Module styles

Footer Module Does Not display on all pages

Responsive menu is not overlay

How to overlay a custom module on JSN ImageShow

Map not loading - jQuery problem?

Can't update JSN Template Framework

Hamburger Menu on mobile is not showing

Update from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 not working

how edit footer

How to Hide Logo and Main Top Menu on Home Page

Hamburger menu disapear at mobile view

Joomla default Offline page not displaying

Update from gen 1 to gen 2


Main menu is jumping to top left when sticky

need to remove for Template by JoomlaShine

MijoShop new version (4.0.6) was not supported.

Menu loading on popup


Error Template Einstellungen startet nicht

PHP Erroro with breadcrumbs

Asset compression

Change logo size and padding/margin

Some modules does not show correctly on JSN Levart

How can I get the menu bar transparent like in HP 2?

Levart2 installation error JFile, read unable to open file

How to install a custom font?

Unable to see the padlock icon on website

Megamenu is not activated

Trying to put Mico 2 to work

Strange text on top of page

Frames ignored in Mico2 - articles

Rounded corners for modules

JSN Mico 2 Quickstart Package

Easyblog Columns Not Changing

Broken links in your template.css file

2 issues after 1.0.3 update

Social Share does not include the image.

After Update critical Error on all pages [JSN Air2 Nazir]

Site crash after template update

RE: Site crash after template update

Change the row with of the submenu

CRITICAL: No pictures are loading in the frontend

Cannot save Pagebuilder 3 pages

Problem with one-page using div id scrolls too far down

Menu transparency and portfolio tabs not working

Problem with sub menus on smartphone

Joomla update issue?

Submenu active but blank on mobile device

margin e padding

Error with Contact Form after updatng framework - Uniform

Why can't Smart Search work with this template?

Template Style Edit Page Not Loading

Google Analytics code

Specific Documentaion?

Image link editting

How do i change the size of the logo?

Homepage image sizing

Medis2 after update white page, error

Asset Optimization breaks site

Unable to add sub-menus

use multi language menu

Font modifications not publishing

Template Style Manager

Bug in style section

Disclaimer in buttom

Css Fix to make hover effect to side menu

Module lastes articles shows created date!

Where can I change the code to enlarge the navigation font size?


Menus disappeared

Problem with css

promo section on small screens

Missing Icons and wrong page-navigation-element

Multilingual issues

EasyBlog Integration

Sub-menu Functionality

Formatting and functionality lost after changes

Color Icon JSN Teki Smartphone

Problem with licence and layout

Change to Teki2

Image folder not accessible

Content Editor has been replaced

Don't know how to use menus in the right way with teki2

Widths of layout sections are not the same

Create sticky footer/content-bottom not working?

Unable to update PHP on sites using JSN Escape 2 template

Breadcrumb overled

Table styles


Font Awesome 5.x support

icons are not in the middle

Change the white default BackgroundColor (MainBody)

Side Menu styling issues

JSN Escape 2 Main Menu styling issues

Not able to change color when hover over menu link

Product names missing on some smartphones

Change colours of buttons

When I push view in page builder 3 it show 404 page

Problems changing font size and distance between menu items

change color in mobile menu

Change alignment of module position

Layout problems after updating Glas 2 template

Slow homepage

Issue with Table '..........._dk.#__weblinks' doesn't exist

i dont find this module on the site!?

Make site look like demo

Setting up the main menu for a multilingual site

Responsive template

How change image on Home Page

Reduce space padding in template

Menu items duplicated

Background dark, any suggestion?

where I can change color exactly on this menu place

Image Placeholders

Responsive not working


I want to change color of "Menubutton". (see in picture)

Main Menü / Mobile Menü


Glamo2 colors change

Template Glamo2

Glamo2 and Virtuemart

Adjust the height of the top section

How to configure

JSN ARES 2 quick install package won't work

Center the Main Content

Mega menu non activated

Center Position Home Page

does not save the modules modification

Fixed Off-canvas button position

How to get full height background image at top of homepage?

Missing "event" after full installation.

Google Font Selector does not show scroll bar

Responsive mode not proper on IPad

Customize the newsletter e-mail address

Logo selector is not consistent

The homepage of my website after a new menu

To arrange the frontend Featured articles

Things are not the same as on Demo Website

Problem Installing Sample Data

File and Folder Permissions - New Quick Install

Template formatation

Cannot change from default theme

Layout changes not visible in frontend

Category Blog link is messy

Menu edits

Narrow Default Page, need a wide one

I want change icon reponsive on pictrue in content

customizing modules etc


How To Change Color Variation In JSN Kido 2

JSN Neon 2 - sample data not reflecting everything correctly


Read more button

Login and search modules

Features articles push modules down

Boxed layout and full width

My login Module

Hover MainMenu and Sub-Menu

Force PageBuilder to show 3 columns instead of a linebrake

Side menu not appear properly

Menue does not show all submenue-entries on PC

Critical * Website Update * Theme structure ruined!

Export all content in other template

Can't upload images on JSN Artista 2

Primary key error after update to Joomla 3.8

New templates, old backend?

JSN SunFramework module selector switch throws an error

JSN Framework error while loaing landing page

SunFramework error after update

Intermittent menu font change

Again and again: The newest SUN Framework Update is not showing in the Joomla Updater

Sun Framework file

How do I change the color of the template?

Missing bootstrap.css.map file

Bootstrap 4 / Dark Mode

Layout changes mainbody desktop / laptop

Article title font size - Category Blog & Single Article

How to save custom.css while updating Blank 2

Background image for each menu item

How to get rid of the offcanvas menue

installation does not work

JSN Ultranet - Accessible without login or Registering?

SQL error when installing sample data

Layout broken with Kunena in Ultranet

Sample data will not install

Ultranet login page

Could you update JSN Ultranet with Bootstrap4 + Fontawesome5.X.X

Where I can set scss to css?

Submenu don´t work

Distorted Ultranet template

Unknow JS Script Educo Template Clean Install

New custom div class

Hide unwanted JSN Chat POPUP!

error.log need help [JSN Educo - DENPHAMED]

Trying to get property 'name' of non-object

Limited Social Share Options

New JSN Framework Problem

EMAIL Print Icons

Issue upgrading php

1.0.4 Update failed

Image with popup text / Main Features Carousel

In some systems and browsers the main tab cutting off

Want to change background to green

Green background read more button

help to fix the internal server error message

How to make menu mobile friendly

Issue when we tried to connect mojoshop catetories

Problem with the css

Website not showing anything even after uploading the quickstart package

Tooltip title is white at white background

Tooltip balloon is white and not readable

PB3 Article converts to Custom HTML - Loses editing ability

your page reached the maximum number of character limited by joomla

Some style change in core contact form

Main menu and submenu items

Error about jsnextfw.php after Joomla update

Google fonts still loading from ext. server

Can not open the mainmenu-item in mobile view

How can I set the main menu to start left?

JSN POWER: Sticky main menu shows white active item text

How to Add a Main Menu Design of One Template to Another Template

How to add a Flat footer menu in jsn power template?

toggle - offcanvas

How to add font Agency FB for use by template

Sticky menu does not work

Trouble to menu

Stored Layout

Add custom font

Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

Initial Data does not load..

stick left/right top - open/close

Missing icons on startpage


404 page not shown in PageBuilder view

Modules are on top of each other in mobile view

How to set background image left and right of content?

JSN BUILD UP position Right is not following Modules Styles

Change color

Asset optimization crashes site

Two identical template styles don't look identical

Can not to display multi-langue?

Linking tabs to the correct categoris in the MY BLOG section.

Logo Question

MIRO - Quick-Start-Package unable to connect to mysql-server

problems with module position while creating megamenu

want to un-publish the text at the footer

THE Old info on the ARTICLE

JSN Miro template issue

Background color

easyblog article problems

footer css

problem resolved

Right and Left Positions appear in wrong places

Cannot load some modules into an article

Can't enter data into search box or certain form fields

Custom CSS is not effecting on RTL site

Multi column menu from menu item

Menu Responsive - Burger Menu

Set h2 size individually

Position of the Logo

Problems with k2

Ajax container

K2 issue with the template


error install template

Facebook and Instagram integration


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