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Notification of update for System-JSN Framework - 2.1.2

Update stops when files modification

List layout

Update to JSN Epic 2 PRO version failed

Social Share error

Epic2 update failed

Top Button is every time in the center position

Epic2: Logo size

Problem with JSN Imageshow

Fatal Error when I edit the articles

Problems scrolling to the bottom of pages

Tag page in Solid 2

Lost the Settings Panel after JSN Solid2 Pro Update

Where can I modify these two blocks?

Delete Sample Dates

Leading articles and boxed layout on JSN Solid 2


CUSTOM HTML a white page are show

UniForm CSS on Shine Template (Previous thread Resolved with no fix)

Cash Back

Cannot copy template

Problems with Modals

remove sticky notes from template

Cannot access my template

Multilanguage and menu problem

JSN Sun Framework doesn't update ...

Menu bar Height

how to change slide image on home page

change background colour

Same Height for User Modules

How to Merge files

Megazine dit not work anymore after Update Sun Framework

Youtube Videos are not responsive

Error administrative side: admin.php on line 141

JSN Metro 2 Jomsocial template not displaying

Error when editing template layout.

How to install a test website with Metro 2

Black box on homepage

Page Builder 2 update

Search plugin: white page

Issue with module loader in PageBuilder

Issue with pixel2 and JCH Optimize

Update Joomla and PIXEL FREE to PRO


Gen 2 Pixel main menu formatting issue.

Small displays: All images 100% width

Article Introduction image not visible (on some items)

issue with jsn 2 template

Display form in horizontal with JSN Pixel 2

Which Shop with JSN Pixel 2 ?

Can't change template

Template page not loading in backend

How to return the menu?

Black footer

Error while updating template JSN One 2

get 500 error

JSN one 2 and php 7

How can I make such a product placement as an example?

Wrong Newsblog-Link on homepage

Page not displaying but it was working last week and i cant find a fix

VM checkout page

Sun framework updating issues

Using Category List but pulling an error

AllowUserRegistration error

JSN framework crashed

How to edit article or module with page builder?

page builder in reta template not working

The agent can not save the property ad. Why?

Component OS Property not work in Reta 2. Error of update

How to modify google map

I vhy can not see form on content?

Translate Go To Top to my own language

Add Module Class for text

Time 2 template only file

Is Time 2 compatible with Time 1?

Fixed column when scroll

Problems after joomla 3.7.x updates - in template, client ID and com_fields

Problem overhead header on mobile

Column when article is open

Dona2 multilinguale menu

Bootstrap Issue with RSFiles! PART 2

Bootstrap Issue with RSFiles!

How to create section "Latest articles" ?

Dona 2 - How do we center footer module contents

Change Off-Canvas toggle icons

Search as smart search module

missing animation after installing sample data


Module Positions to be added

Invalid Root Directory

"Page Title" on top of the breadcrumbs


Article weight

Navigation Arrows Presentation


PageBuilder Conflict

Article images on Category blog

Css-classes in Decor for image styling

LightBox 1 Box Style

No bar dashes in Div Menu

Frontend article editing layout problem

New module position & sector not shown

Corsa 2 version 1.0.1 does not extract

Size of text on slider

Bug after successfull installation

I have two question for your help

configure menu

easbyblog style

Menu Font Changes Possible?

Mobile menu Not Closing

Breadcrumb bg-color is running all over

Add new section ID on homepage

404 Error page customization

cant install - PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of JRouterInstallation::


The modul positions are one on one like a sandwich

Edit the pages, the nice layout is gone!

Alternating Background Images.

Missing Home Page Slider and One Other

Mega Menu displaying behind article content

Support for php 7.2

menu is not show

In the hamburger menu, the background is black

Background for each page differently

User Verification not working.

JSN Mini2 Pro - Home page slider not under menu

JSN Mini2 Poweradmin Position map probloem

Mega menu not activated

Change the Look of Uniform to Mini2

Change linehight in template doesn't work

Where is this Topmargin

Module layout issue

to customizeVirtuemart module

Scrolling image automatically within a module (like free version)

Response time issue

Styles in articles info area is not the same like your demo

Remove add to cart button

Issue with JSN FORCE 2

JSN Force 2 - Quickstart package doesn't work (R1.0.1)

Need to remove "Template by Joomlashine"

How to export a sky 2 layout and use it in another installation..

"Get Started" button doesn't work!

Main Menu

about the breadcrumbs

Booking a Vacation

about the homepage

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Sticky menu in index page

Layout does not change

no processing possible

"Can't find Joomla XML setup file."


JSN ONE PRO doesn't work after Joomla Update

Am I allowed to use sample data on my website?

Styles don't change site

Preloader doesn't work on JSN Artista

How do i control inside page backgrounds?

How to remove the line in menu

Favicon.ico not coming up, but only on this template

Picture submenu items under home - where to manage/delete

Hide "Section" on Mobile Device

Css Fix to make hover effect to side menu

Module lastes articles shows created date!

Docs for Gruve2

https issue in gruve 2

Missing file in template

Promo Aera without white border

White Background in Content Area is missing

Menu without radius

Gruve1 and Gruve2 togetheris not working

How to modify the footer

Edit Pagefly on Vintage Homepage

Where is documentation for Vintage 2 & Sun?

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Escape 2 update does not work

icons are not in the middle

How to get money back

grid-layout on Glass 2 creates Vertical instead of Horizontal grid

Logo does not display

How to remove Joomlashine branding from bottom of template

Template Glamo2

There are no discussions posted under this category.
There are no discussions posted under this category.
There are no discussions posted under this category.
There are no discussions posted under this category.

Sun Framework

About Sun Flamework update.

JSN Sun Blank Free Template upgrade to pro

"Notice: Undefined index" since update to 2.0.0.

Can't change Template after Joomla Update 3.8.1

After Sun Framework Update can't edit Template Style

Pagebuilder 3

responsive device chrome browser vs. firefox browser

How I can edit this photo

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