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opt in function cookies


Create Custom 404 Page Epic 2 Template

Readmore button is not the default button

Next pages looks not so good

Login form in epic 2 - 2.0.2 is still to small

Layout Epic2

Under main content is is dotted line

Search is Not Working

easyslider module and drop down menu is not loading

JSN framework issues

Error in the search function

error saying "Invalid Request" while saving template changes

Edit "Readmore" button

Strange shift of an entire main body (uniForm)

Main Menu gets weird after user login

Background image that spans the width of the full page.

Is there a list of "Custom Classes"

footer menu horizontal

Site with shine theme do not work on new php version

Linkedin preview site in a linkedin message

Pageinspector give some issue []

How do you remove "Template by Joomlashine" from HiWay Template

JSN Framework/Template broken after update

Can't install sample data

Footer is not showing correctly on K2 pages

Stock Market

Hi, on my page I can not see form and image show

top menu appearance help

JSN Template Style Load Issue

template image float is not what is expected

website width

Enable full width Megazine2

Undefined property: stdClass::$sunfw_article_type

Update to JSN Sun Framework 2.1.4 and JSN METRO2 2.0.0

Menu floating right

White Backgrounds on articles

cUrl error number: 56

MegaMenu not activated?

Color main menu

Not possible to duplicate JSN Metro 2 layouts

Using a custom font

Font size of contact form

hr is barely visible

instalation problem

Capital Letters on Main Menu

hover issue

Footer removal problems

JSN Pixel2 DEVELOPER for Joomla! 3.x (Quickstart package)

Template license

Search module not working

about template Float Width

How to add New in layout( Enable sticky menu)

how do you create this cool effect in Tempalte One 2 ?

Change menu assignment in a module created with pagbuilder

Display of articles or modules

External Links adding my domain to the web address ??!!

Need to setup category blog in home menu.

Articles options views in One 2 templates.

Banner width 100% and text width controlled

Website do not show, just a white screen

customizing the template

100% width in a ARTICLE

Why does virtuemart break when i add new catergory

How do i hide the author column?


Responsive issues with JSN Reta 2

I see code on botom.

Update your theme for latest OSP version

Sticky Menu Not Working

Category blog isn't working any more

page builder in reta template not working

I can not edit the showcase

Reta 2 Upgrade

CSS issues

fa fa-caret-down issue in Safari and IE

JSN Time 2 - Icon in Module

Share This busston not working in JSN time2

Time 2 Pro - Scrolling, Sticky Issues and Centre Copyright module

Error al instalar JSN Time2 en localhost

Make promo module full width on all pages

Lost Mainmenu styling in Header

No smartphone Dropdown on Menu Header

Show Branding always set to ON


Dona Pro Style

video gallery for main page

Dona2 logo area

Need help to replicate home-features module with animation from scratch!

Mega Menu disapear [edjucare - guizetti]

Bottom half of index has disappeared!!

Mudule Gmap Bottom has a bug with social media buttons

Adjust contact1 page [edjucare - guizetti]

Two lines of text on the menu

Home Page Issues I need help with.

JSN Educare School - Removing menu below

Cannot locate where the Upcoming Events Module is

smartphone display does not work

Enable modul on right

Imagine Show in home

Erro in module static block

Richbox 2 module style - how set same as Decor 1 richbox 2

JSN UniForm Styling Problems in Decor 2

Go to top doesn't show - JSN Decor 2 Pro

Module colour changed - won't change back (JSN Decor 2 Pro)

Change link icon color in menu item

Change article setting

HI, I can not edir any modules and article.

Header image customize

Wide Left and right padding on All Areas

corsa 2 template - 3-column menu

Corsa 2 version 1.0.1 does not extract

here are two issue for your help

Size of text on slider

Bug after successfull installation

I have two question for your help

position chooser popup window blank

Create Custom 404 Page for JSN Yoyo 2 Template

Chaning template color does not work

tablet/mobile view not working correctly

Main menu links being incorrectly highlighted

can't download JSN Yoyo 2 Quickstart Package for Joomla! 3.x

Problems with YoYo2 homepage menu

How can apply Custom Classes in the layout area.

Place menu on homepage JSN YOYO 2

Branding Template by JoomlaShine

Hi, I need made over effect

Who loves the desktop switcher!

Left Position is missing in "Blog Layout" when pagination is active

Class 'ContentHelperRoute' not found on JEvent Menu

Where is documentation for "Background image settings"

I have Pro version but it still shows "Template by JoomlaShine"

How delete menu item and live just icon

Problems with the Video content type

JEvents Sample Data

remove margin

How do I clear spaces?

Form in UiForm not working

My Logo is blurry

what links on the module positions

Sticky menu height is too much in Desktop

reCAPTCHA not working

Hi, I can delete some articles

modul Uniform does not show up correct

How to install

Misalignment in product picture

Problem with display product in virteumart

Change the menu style, but nothing change on the user screen

Error 500

Columns/Grid lay for JSN Force2

Set up the blog layout

having article issues using BT Content Slider

VirtueMart Conflict: add to cart / state drop down. JS problem.

Jsn Force 2 Refreshing every page

how do I remove the copyright of foot joomshine

JSN Sky 2 Template Error

lost template sky2

How to export a sky 2 layout and use it in another installation..

module menu has no content

NURU2- Issue with featrured article


Installation issue

How to add a module at the 'debug' position?

logo in the center of the menu

Menu bar partition

Verfication Error

need to remove for Template by JoomlaShine

Mainmenu-items (submenu) are below JSN Image Slider Caption text

Jomres search

edit templates

center footer and delete simbol on mobile

Login templates not allowed

Unclear instructions How to "Replicate Demo"

configuration templates lost

I lost the configuration about this masck

Error Invalid mime type detected.

Easyblog Columns Not Changing

Content title layout Mico 2

Topmenu not Horizontal

Changing template I don't see the data

The menu itself has changed its appearance

Sections Appearing as Full Width Which are Not Set to Full Width

Easyblog Entries Are Not Formatted properly in the template

No Image on K2 Item Display

Submenus of the side menu do not appear

Not able to register a new User

Search module not working with Air 2

Login Module as dropdown in mainmenu

The Show desktop switcher keeps turning on after I turn it off!

Migration Air 1 pro to Air 2

Select correct menu depending on language.

Help with iconmenu and topmenu customization

Changing Main menu colour/opacity?

Remove Template by JoomlaShine from Under the Footer JSN Artista2

Removing Copyright Footer

Artista 2 Problem with first Page "Portfolio"

How to link a page to a button

JSN Artista 2 Template Changes are not saved

How to Insert Image Instead of Letter in the Logo

Slow load speed on Home 1

Problems with Social Share and article image.

JSN Medi 2 installation and configuration

I can not devellope

Two pages are very slow [medis2]

Medis 2 very slow (15-20s)

Multi Langauge Menu?

Breadcrumb in the articles on page SERVICES-FEATURED

How to switch off 'Template by JoomlaShine'

Bug in style section

Disclaimer in buttom

Css Fix to make hover effect to side menu

Module lastes articles shows created date!

Docs for Gruve2

https issue in gruve 2

Missing file in template

Promo Aera without white border

White Background in Content Area is missing

Menu without radius

template index file

submenu of several columns

::before and ::after css



would like to put disble right click

main menu font size not adjustable

How to modify the footer

How do you Hide component on Joomla Homepage

Tab 'image and link' disappeared article

JSN Teki 2 for Joomla! 3.x (installation package) will not install

Change color menu button Teki 2 pro on smartphone

Side Menu styling issues

JSN Escape 2 Main Menu styling issues

Escape 2 update does not work

icons are not in the middle

Hikashop missing in Glass 2 + some other questions...

moving from generation 1 to generation 2

No changes are being saved

JSN Glass 2 Search Box Width

i need the suffix for the RTL in the Menu

Error Message from Sun Framewok

Favicon does not show in image selector and cannot be selected

I can't to update the JSN TENDO 2 template

Tendo 2 jsn-thememasonry-gallery

distance between the sections

drag & drop layout

How do I set up link buttons?

How to remove Joomlashine branding from bottom of template


Glamo2 colors change

Template Glamo2

Glamo2 and Virtuemart

Menu configuration problem

MainMenu at the smartphon

Main Menü / Mobile Menü

"Template by JoomlaShine" switch off on the page

Fidem 2 affecting styling of Event Booking extension.

Unable to install jsn-fidem2 template

Questions about the template JSN FIDEM 2

Changing background picture

Fidem can't edit style

Layout changes not visible in frontend

Category Blog link is messy

Menu edits

Narrow Default Page, need a wide one

I want change icon reponsive on pictrue in content

There are no discussions posted under this category.
There are no discussions posted under this category.

Menu Names Change

Google structured data founds 10 errors

Site no longer displays once template is installed

maincontent isn't render after framework update

Error to access the template style in the backend

Megazine 2 templat issues and suggestions.

Canvas position work only on homepage

Time 2 free template layout issue when using Category blog.

Can you provide cookies informations ?

New Version of SunFW Breaks Formatting of Main Content Section

Sun Layout builder does not work

Which resolutions for responsive devices ?

dont get update info

Update from BS 3 to BS 4?

HTTP ERROR 500 after Sun Framework Update

Issues further to Joomla upgrade to 3.8.5

Again about the Sun Framework

Page content not centred - off to right - JSN Blank 2

Arrow for 3rd-layer-menu items placed too low on Firefox

JSN Brand

Change general page width to 960 px on Unboxed layout

ordering of moduls

Why the menu in the main menu is not displayed?

Missing module positions in second generation templates?

No HTTP response received

Failure to Install Sample Data

Ultranet/StackIdeas Compatibility Issues

Making styles available in JCE

JNS Ultranet Cannot Work

Remove template by Joomlashine

HTTP 500 error after Template install.

Horizontal Main Menu

Breadcrumbs Has an Unknown Indent

Footer and Bottom Sections Ignore Main Body Length

How install sample data on JSN ULTRANET?

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