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Tablet style format problem on iPad Model A1490

EPIC-2 Floating Width

Login module - no forgot passwort / username visible

increasing page width in boxed layout has no effect

Contact form checkbox how to get the checkbox to the left side

Random image Module is Not responsive in JSN Epic2

Setting Main content's bg color

Guestbook is messed up

To fix modul

customize table color

sidemenu can't be reached

Adding WhatsApp in Social Links

k2 media manager is blank

Module Disappears When Title Is Changed

Changing the text color of menu items on hover

Wrong text color in submenu (dropdown)

Template upgrade to PRO ver.

Heading: text transform doesn't work

Used sample data to quicksttar, all articles hits is "0"

how can I create a vertical menu in template Shine?

Search Box Font on Shine-Education

Shine r2vf - submenu alignment


Template allocation don't work after J3.9 Update

JSN Shine Problem

Changing font on facebook comments

Logo missing and lines mixed together after site reload

problem displaying twitter

Layout problem with more than one Newsflash linies/rows

Stuck loading after clicking on get started

Layout Startpage

Newsflash Category Alignment

Newsflash Category Layout Error

Google Page Insight and fontawesome

shadow background not at all sites?

Problem with container css

Mobile Menu

smartphone view

Problems on mobile resolutions

Facebook og: open graph

Problem with articles editing

Google analytics implement

Contact Form doesnt work

The footer area should be green

Off-canvas side tab customization

adding external tracking code

RE: Logo dimensions

Logo dimensions

how to style breadcrumb

menu-styling problems

link-color and menu-styling

item on front page

How I can update JSN ONE Pro?

module JSN ONE 2 turn picture darker automatically.

Hi, I have problem with one post of my site.

Hi, I can not update my theme. I have pro version.

About cookies text

about template Float Width

How to add New in layout( Enable sticky menu)

how do you create this cool effect in Tempalte One 2 ?

Change menu assignment in a module created with pagbuilder

Best Seller In Homepage

In tablet view why are my videos spacing like they are

Multi variant error when display product variant

cookies Policy

right position erro in category in blog

ferado_size position

template system do not load

Layout errors on modules

Can't turn off Template by JoomlaShine on site

Jsn Reta 2 Propeties

JSN reta 2 property

Template Error

Icons not showing on property details page

Cannot make Megamenu work and other problem

No pricebar shown

No photos shown after changing pages

Template Time2 issues with layout

Integration of search module in the menu bar

how to remove globe from logo

JSN TIME 2 template error

Error 1146 Table doesn't exist

Reordering of modules impossible

Items disappearing from media/k2/items/cache

Joomla 4 with JSN Time 2

Diiferent Main Menu on selected pages

Problem with Top Menu BAR

the header blue bar doesn't show on the default page


Main Menu Active Item Highlighted

Module function curtailed in Off Canvas Area

Menu hamburger icon not appearing

Cannot access template-verification window spinning

Main Menu

Scroll with sticky header not smooth

Change label text

Getting menu colour correct when hovering over submenu

Modules disappeared

Articles not reachable

Change type of date

Frontent language translation


Display problems in smartphone

unsecure content

Another problem of visualization in iphone: Breadcrumb

Module Styling

Default layout & Menu Adjustment

Add Search button Image

Remove Template by JoomlaShine

Transfer Style Settings from one template to another

Breadcrumb last item doesn't display

Decor Gen 2 Menu Bar Height or Padding

Content Bottom Below Background Color

Problems with the Internet Explorer

How can I change this icon

Sticky Menü is smaller

Change article setting

Changes in the CSS - Reverting Back To Default

Margin issues with sample data.

HI, I can not edir any modules and article.

Header image customize

Wide Left and right padding on All Areas

Background color of homepage menu doesn't change

map settings

Enabling mulipage layout on JSN Yoyo 2

Unknown column 'social_share_data' in 'field list'

Uniform only showing Submit-Button in Onepage-Layout

Homepage display

Chaning template color does not work

Standard Joomla Search Component Not Working for Template

How do you create a mega menu in a custom html code

3 top links not working when in tablet or mobile view

How to use Bootstrap with JSN Venture 2 Template

How to hide sections in sunfw layout for mobile device

Template link...

Article Manager missing tabs for article options

Mini 2 Smart Search is not working

Mini 2 Search issues and questions

slideshow not showing clean. displaying a huge gap in white.

Virtuemart CSV import

How to omit two pages from following @media rule

License Issue

Menu title showing in Force 2 after Joomla upgrade to 3.9.1

Formatting - width after updating to Joomla 3.9.1

Jforce2 Installation issue

Upgraded Force to Force 2, menu's broken


Problem with blog menu

lost template sky2

Bug when creating new menu?

edit template in backend not posssible

Cant see menu items

how do I remove the copyright of foot joomshine

JSN Sky 2 Template Error

How to export a sky 2 layout and use it in another installation..

need to remove for Template by JoomlaShine

MijoShop new version (4.0.6) was not supported.

Menu loading on popup

ImageShow into the Head

Javascript Confilict

Local Google Fonts on Nuru2


module menu has no content

Sub menu items do not open at mobile

Asset compression

Change logo size and padding/margin

Some modules does not show correctly on JSN Levart

How can I get the menu bar transparent like in HP 2?

Levart2 installation error JFile, read unable to open file

How to install a custom font?

Levart 2 booking section missing?

top menu

Template by JoomlaShine

Strange text on top of page

Frames ignored in Mico2 - articles

Rounded corners for modules

JSN Mico 2 Quickstart Package

Easyblog Columns Not Changing

Content title layout Mico 2

Topmenu not Horizontal

can't install air 2

Submenue - Dropdown - Layout not working anymore

Joomla site error - Class 'SunFwSite' not found

Website shows ' Index of cgi-bin'

RE: Smartphone layout

Smartphone layout

New module in gen 2

Migration from generation 1 to 2

Problems wi Air 2

still problem with artista 2

menu not scroll

RE: Hi, how I can change link name

Social Icons Template

I cannot update a component in Artista 2

menu mobile artista 2

Hi, how I can change link name

Upgraded to Joomla 3.9.1, now can't create new menu

menu mobile

Issue with JSN Medis2 template for Kunena Forum

PDF Wrapper does not work

Google fonts deaktivating

All Language Menus Show. Template Style not Segregating

How to edit Style of the MainMenu

switch all media to https

No Layout?

JSN Medis - images dimension tags

Unable to add sub-menus

use multi language menu

Font modifications not publishing

Template Style Manager

Bug in style section

Disclaimer in buttom

Css Fix to make hover effect to side menu

Module lastes articles shows created date!

Docs for Gruve2

https issue in gruve 2

Problem with Scroll Bar Template

I would like to change the size of the h2 header

Maps and video rendering in greyscale

Border problem

Edit Pagefly on Vintage Homepage

The previous problem is back when you solved new one

Menu changes

How to place static images in background

Default pages not showing content

Image folder not accessible

Content Editor has been replaced

Don't know how to use menus in the right way with teki2

Widths of layout sections are not the same

Create sticky footer/content-bottom not working?

How do you Hide component on Joomla Homepage

Tab 'image and link' disappeared article

JSN Teki 2 for Joomla! 3.x (installation package) will not install

Font Awesome 5.x support

icons are not in the middle

Change the white default BackgroundColor (MainBody)

Side Menu styling issues

JSN Escape 2 Main Menu styling issues

Escape 2 update does not work

Bild entfernen

I can not enter the credentials

Showing a black cross on "JSN Mobile view"

Icons mit Jsn-glass2

Homepage gets black when I click on product photo in Hikashop

Login Form /jsn-glass2

Jsn Glass 2 und Hikashop

Chang design for login

Social Share dosen't work correctly

off-canvas fa icon

where I can change color exactly on this menu place

Icons in JSN Tendo 2

on my homepage, I can not see some module.

How to install the Modified Files after Update Template


off-canvas menu


Main Menü / Mobile Menü


Glamo2 colors change

Template Glamo2

Glamo2 and Virtuemart

Menu configuration problem

MainMenu at the smartphon

Fixed Off-canvas button position

Email still visible in Kunena JSN theme

Mobile menu customization

Site crashed after Ares template update

Icon on Buttons not displayed

Second Logo in Top Section

Problem Installing Sample Data

Template width

Error after Update Sun Framework

How to get titles like in the demo

Changing background picture

Fidem 2 affecting styling of Event Booking extension.

Unable to install jsn-fidem2 template

Questions about the template JSN FIDEM 2

Fidem can't edit style

File and Folder Permissions - New Quick Install

Template formatation

Cannot change from default theme

Layout changes not visible in frontend

Category Blog link is messy

Menu edits

Narrow Default Page, need a wide one

I want change icon reponsive on pictrue in content

How To Change Color Variation In JSN Kido 2

My login Module

Does Neon2 work with Kunena Forum?

url www.

Tendo 2 Bugs ?

Bug in JSN Gen 2 templates when using foreign backend language?

Not able to Display Side Menu in Main Menu -> Home

Primary key error after update to Joomla 3.8

Article does not open

When scrolling, article text moves to right

need help?


can't select module

How to make Social share button appear in an extension module.

Missing changelog to SunFw 2.2.9

Cookie Consent styling

New Sun Framework 2.2.10 No Change Log

Framework ver 2.2.9

link to reinstalll Sun framework v 2.28 urgently needed

Issue with layout section names (sfw v2.2.7)

Reorder Social Icons in Sun Framework

Cookie information

JSN Blank 2 Form Not Sending Email

How can I show category intro image on category blog layout?

Can't align breadcrumbs/headline to content

Main Menu

Failure to Install Sample Data

Cookie warning do not show.

Caption setting in tempalte Blank2

How to register a domain / subdomain ?

Joomla update failed

Change colour of template

Submenu don´t work

Distorted Ultranet template

All Albums list don't have a thumbnails

Cant Add Event Ultranet

Margins in mainbody too large

Checkbox misaligned

Issue with main menu on smartphone web browser

"Featured Articles" position like in demo

Use a Style from An otehr Template with Educo

Site down....(editor)

custom.sccs file

Caching of images in modules

Right Click Odd Blue Color

Issue displaying Images in articles + PageBuilder issue

Template is not everywhere responsive [jSN Educo - Elbien]

Problem in SunFramework

J3.9 Privacy Custom config not working on Mobile Device

Tree menu bold font

Tooltip balloon is white and not readable

PB3 Article converts to Custom HTML - Loses editing ability

your page reached the maximum number of character limited by joomla

How to create a form on the map

How to add a Flat footer menu in jsn power template?

How to remove Tittle "Our Product"

Google map is not full width after save

Custom CSS not working

Is there a special trick to installing JSN Power?

One Module is not working like in the original Template

I want the yellow line below the menu bar

Path for the Favicon for the Template jsnpower

RE: Formattimng of JSN Bakery wrong

diferent module on the diferent devices

div menu and other questioni

Error 500 on content/articles

the site is white

Smooth scroll with offset

RE: the site is white

Installing Sample Data does not complete

Change color

Searbox position and slider

Using different screen widths

Resizing of pictures

Menu aliases

mega menu background color not resetted

How to increase the fonts size of a component in buildup template

How to make a logo bigger? [JSN-Buildup - Apohelfer]

Rental Management?

after instalation disapered joomla main menu

no template in sample data

Documentation of (block-)classes in templates

Miro - remove "Template by JoomlaShine" advertise

Deactivate mobile view on JSN Miro template

Multilanguage site - menus

words wrapped in some articles

JSN Meetup "System" menu

Remove section

Background of article

Style agenda section of Events Booking

Menu disappear

Search module in megamenu section

Width of off-canvas

new site like old

How to set Multi languages menu at template 2?

How to Modify the Home_Featured Default Template

JSN Car Dealer Quickstart - No Main Menu

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