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How come I'm not able to override Bootstrap's CSS?

Export all content in other template

Mobile issues Meet up Template

Menue does not show all submenue-entries on PC

Force PageBuilder to show 3 columns instead of a linebrake

Hover MainMenu and Sub-Menu

Side menu not appear properly

Critical * Website Update * Theme structure ruined!

Can't upload images on JSN Artista 2

Can't get commenting to work in template

Responsive view (tablet 768x1024) is not correct -

Checkbox form rendering is off

Assets Optimization

Stick middle won't disappear?

Pagebuilder3 page keeps getting narrower?

layout not working ?

Changing the home page slider text

Duplicated template missing folder & files

change language module


Site crash after template update

Broken links in your template.css file

2 issues after 1.0.3 update

After Update critical Error on all pages [JSN Air2 Nazir]

RE: Site crash after template update

Adjust the height of the top section

How to configure

JSN ARES 2 quick install package won't work

Center the Main Content

Mega menu non activated

Center Position Home Page

does not save the modules modification

Fixed Off-canvas button position

extensions not getting updated

JSN Artista 2 & SUN Framework

How to edit icons in the page content

Problem with sample data

Missing character 'Got to Top'

CRITICAL: No pictures are loading in the frontend

Cannot save Pagebuilder 3 pages

Problem with one-page using div id scrolls too far down

logo appears twice

Background color outside content area per menu item possible?

Bookstore, Hikashop and PB4

Submenu is behind content page

logo menù

Layout looks awful

Index.php in URL

JSN Bakery "Home" did not work anymore

toggle - offcanvas

How to add font Agency FB for use by template

Sticky menu does not work

Trouble to menu

Stored Layout

Add custom font

Problem with Menu - Multilingual - Blank Template

modul position change does not work

PHP 8 is not supportet

Missing changelog for 1.0.4

Toggle hamburger menu

Missing file

Joomla 4 vs Joomlashine Templates

errors with sample data installation

How to download novelist template?

J2Store | My profile page order confirmation pop-up issue

JSN Bookstore - Zoom effect issue in J2store

JSN Bookstore - J2store discount percentage issue

Problem with style setting

500 Error

Line spacing on top position

Logo and menù position on mobile

JSN Build Up - Homepage Article is not syncing with Pagebuilder 4.

Problem with custom.css file of template BuildUp

remove Hamburger menu icon

Missing icons on startpage

Mega Menu Problem


404 page not shown in PageBuilder view

Save button is not working

Limit menu levels

Hide menu & offcanvas from public

unknow error when logged to backend

Center copyrights in footer (JSN Campus)

Lightbox - image to big for screen

Worong MONTH short name SHOULD be in MY LANGUAGE

Main menu stops displaying

Php error

Feel purchase is Worst

Module titles not display

Logo on wrong place on mobile

Dropdown-submenu to low

Menu on iphone

Menu on the tablet

Stick-righttop module cut off

The first picture is not displayed on the mobile

CORSA2 und K2 - Artikelfoto

How can I change the Mobile Menu background color?

Help with custom.css please.

Form submission giving error

unable to change the colour

Unable to login to backend -spmanpower website

Add Script Jquery

rtl support

File and Folder Permissions - New Quick Install

Template formatation

Cannot change from default theme

Layout changes not visible in frontend

Category Blog link is messy

Menu edits

Narrow Default Page, need a wide one

I want change icon reponsive on pictrue in content

NO mobile menu visible...

JSN Decor2 3d module styles not working properly


Direction that the submenu expands...

Font weight for side menu...

CSS for blockquote colors changes

Home screen not responsive

Breadcrumbs issue

Main body content not responsive

Off Canvas change from slide out to button directly to URL

Sticky Position calculated incorrectly

Go to top missing after update

URGENT - our main website page has issues, again.

Mega Menue Dona2 flickers

Custom HTML element not displaying on live page correctly

Hover attributes links & buttons issues

CSS override issue

Need help with the error with installation of template

Change font color

Config module: Find Online Courses by Subjects - eCourse

how to make side menu to main menu

Submit button not seen on forms

When we add Email id, it disappear in the text

navigation in ie11 does not fold

Problem with the menù

menù css

Problemas con versión de PHP8.05

My Mobile Menu is not showing properly

1) Select image of articles 2) insert attachment

How to Solve Latest news show double Articles

Menu problems

Icon for Offcanvas Area

Cannot load images in article ("Images and links" tab)

K2 Items - Intro text below image

this issue is so urgent i cant update by articles

error.log need help [JSN Educo - DENPHAMED]

Unknow JS Script Educo Template Clean Install

New custom div class

Hide unwanted JSN Chat POPUP!

Trying to get property 'name' of non-object

Limited Social Share Options

New JSN Framework Problem

EMAIL Print Icons

forms on working

Website down Class 'JSNTplUtils' not found

Promo Module Overflow

Change the background of the header to black

answering questions -> output content

Template css override

Unable to update PHP on sites using JSN Escape 2 template

Breadcrumb overled

Table styles


Font Awesome 5.x support

icons are not in the middle

Change the white default BackgroundColor (MainBody)

Side Menu styling issues

JSN Escape 2 Main Menu styling issues

Module position not saved

Hamburger Menu in Desktop View

Side menu problem view

Help with some minor issues

Mobile 'hamburger' icon styling

Link color won't change using custom css

JSN Ferado 2 - Gtranslate 3.7.5 - issue

I cannot access my template "system" tab

I can't get this template to look like the demo

Google map on contact page

Change color for H1 , H2 , H3

Section margin

modyfing article images

Submenus are not working

add soundcloud to socialmedia

Main content with and without border

Problem Installing Sample Data on JSN Fidem 2

How to get full height background image at top of homepage?

Missing "event" after full installation.

Google Font Selector does not show scroll bar

Responsive mode not proper on IPad

Customize the newsletter e-mail address

Logo selector is not consistent

The homepage of my website after a new menu

To arrange the frontend Featured articles

Things are not the same as on Demo Website

Error: 500 JHtmlIcon::email not found

Transparent Background Style not displaying on Home page - JSN Finance

Background colour of header section

Category Title Showing after upgrading to JSN_Finance

Background image for promo not displaying transparently behind the menu

Unable to detect manifest file.

Change Footer font link size.

Can't save articles on TZ Portfolio Plus

Kunena layout issue with JSN Templates

Problem with tablet setting

Illegal string offset

Module styles

Offcanvas left Size

Selected content color not applied

Error updating page

Adding new social Icon not in list

Force 2 - Menu color doesn't change.

Error when updating to 1.1.0

Help Changing Menu Text Color on Smartphone

Cannot install Force 2

Image Placeholders

Responsive not working


I want to change color of "Menubutton". (see in picture)

Main Menü / Mobile Menü


Glamo2 colors change

Template Glamo2

Glamo2 and Virtuemart

Mobile menu is not visible


Swap name and price place (at Hikashop and Jsn glass2 )

The page is not centered!

How to change background colour in module

Change arrow shape in Hikashop

Where to find an overview of the module positions

Problem with "Full width"

Not able to change color when hover over menu link

Product names missing on some smartphones

PHP 8 Support ?

Unable to add sub-menus

use multi language menu

Font modifications not publishing

Template Style Manager

Bug in style section

Disclaimer in buttom

Css Fix to make hover effect to side menu

Search vs. finder styling

Logo size

Sticker issue [JSN Hospital - cmerkes]

Reporting here on this template, but seen on many

Modules not lining up horizontally

How do I add padding to a main menu item?

Remove MORE DEMOS Sticky Button

Hospital Template is NOT loading...

Module only shown on tablets and mobile

Page Width

Text Seperator


line showing at top of footer of contact page

Menu clickable

Style For EasyBlog Installed Where?

Installed Quick Start most links don;t work

Delete the text JSN Pagebuilder on homepage

customizing modules etc


How To Change Color Variation In JSN Kido 2

can't find the module to hide this

KidZone - can't disable date on newsflash item

Multilang Menu Issue JSN Kidzone

Counter Animation Issue

Hide sub-sub-menu-item

Mobile menu CSS needs some work

Hide the date in newsflash

Error while updating template

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2 'Go To Top' icons displaying together

Error Template Einstellungen startet nicht

PHP Erroro with breadcrumbs

Asset compression

Change logo size and padding/margin

Some modules does not show correctly on JSN Levart

How can I get the menu bar transparent like in HP 2?

Levart2 installation error JFile, read unable to open file

How to install a custom font?

There are no discussions posted under this category.

Menu behind homepage slideshow

Mall mobile formatting messed up

ERROR at checkout

The checkout process is broken - see error

Div help

MALL - shopping cart now showing active icon

Breadcrumbs missing image again

Skype button on site or other chat solution

Sticky Module Left or whatever - close button?

k2 doesn'tshow links

How to center logo on mobile version

laptop site size problem

JSN Marriage Template takes too long for loading

Mainmenu isn´t shown different on PC and iMac

Change color line of menu

template Marriage delete copyright

Marriage and sample data

SIDEMENU always click-to-expand


How to disable admin demo button?

Borders around an image

no custom style available

Can we change mobile menu appear responsive width?

Treemenu modifaction in Medis 2

How do i re-order items in a category page?

Error with Contact Form after updatng framework - Uniform

Why can't Smart Search work with this template?

Template Style Edit Page Not Loading

Google Analytics code

Specific Documentaion?

Image link editting

How do i change the size of the logo?

Homepage image sizing

Menu Mobile Meetup Template

Verification not popping up for new template

Background color

easyblog article problems

footer css

problem resolved

Right and Left Positions appear in wrong places

Cannot load some modules into an article

Verifikation templates

does the template generate "og:description" tags

Custom Template Styles M I S S I N G

Extraneous menu items in Mega Menu

JSN Megazine 2 -> Compatibility with Joomla 4.x ?

error message: 500 Layout "default_type_standard" not found!

Changing Font Color in Category Blog Style

Article separator in category blog layout

I need an update to Megazine Pro to work with Joomla 3.8 or 3.9

bug with font-size in magazin2

Colour of Header section changes when scrolling on mobile

Page builder not working and sub menus also

menu-sidemenu horizontal

The template Jomsocial JSN Metro 2 does not work on "All Members"

JSN Metro 2 - Remove MORE DEMOS Sticky Button

Iframe error

0 Class 'JsnExtFwAssets' not found

Broken Format after Update

Menu does not work on smart phone

Table layout on Smartphones

How do I add custom social icons to my templates?

Aligning a module

Unable to see the padlock icon on website

Megamenu is not activated

Trying to put Mico 2 to work

Strange text on top of page

Frames ignored in Mico2 - articles

Another problem. Template adjustments do not work

The custom.css does not respond

JSN Demo Data update

incorrect display mobile view

Mini 2 and Latest PB4 are not working well together

RE: integration - JomDirectory in CityGuide

Problem with responsive Theme Mini

Problem with menu in header for scroll and subpages

RE: integration - JomDirectory in CityGuide

Problems with j2store variable products

Template distorted

THE Old info on the ARTICLE

problems with module position while creating megamenu

MIRO - Quick-Start-Package unable to connect to mysql-server

Can not to display multi-langue?

template and virtuemart - products per row - safari

sampledata install failed

Moviebox module error: content exceeds allowed limits

Main Menu layout change while membership pro work

Problem with the css

Tooltip title is white at white background

Tooltip balloon is white and not readable

PB3 Article converts to Custom HTML - Loses editing ability

your page reached the maximum number of character limited by joomla

Menu fit in one line on tablet

Styling issue with module

Change background site

How to change background of content middle page.

Changing background sidemenu css?

Menu problems

How to hide all menus on one page?

Add another icon to Social Icons?

Open_Basedir error - not really...


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