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The tab Systems shows no information

Article titles not visible in JSN Nuru 2

Custom files not found

Article Title is not Displaying

Update from gen 1 to gen 2

Returning back to default style

How to Hide Logo and Main Top Menu on Home Page

Hamburger menu disapear at mobile view

Joomla default Offline page not displaying

'Back to Top' not working

Change font colour of form fields and tables

safing template style configuration - "invalid token" message appears

Store display

Problems with the store

Update for New updated J2store Products Module

error mobile display

Change off-canvas width and background color.

Position TOP

The icons have disappeared

page damaged when right module is activated

Formatation and positioning of logo and footer menu

What search extension do you think is best?

Problems converting from Pixel Pro to Pixel 2 Pro

Replacing Image Slideshow with Easy Slider

Video Gallery Component no working after Template Update

'Custom 404 page' doesn't work

Error Message when trying to save Template Settings

Icons not loading

Hiding navigation menu

Mobile menu: I can tap on

Some style change in core contact form

Main menu and submenu items

Error about jsnextfw.php after Joomla update

Google fonts still loading from ext. server

Error installing - Product won't run

Table rows of Price List are too long

Content of System tab in template settings is empty

Font error

Colors different between PC an Snartphone

Submenue in Top_Menue dissapears when moving mouse down

JSN Realtor google maps not working

Search Module move from left to Center

my template dose not open in backend

JSN RETA2 theme for OS Property

results in another page, not in home

I've a lot of problems with reta 2

Visualization problems

Call to Action Popup


Could you activate the preview of all the templates?

Rendering of each page goes to bottom of page

Adjustment to Main Menu CSS

Update Shine is impossible

the page titles are not in H1

hide menu in template joomla shine

Navigation is not displayed correctly

Video instead of promo picture?

#1 on every page

JS Errors after upgrade.

JSN SKY 2 - Top-right position on the left?

Bug in template with Separator menu item

Responsive menu is not overlay

Homepage is displayed incorrectly.

unable to update framework and extensions

JSN-EPIC PRO dropdown menu won't work


All in one developer package

Website problems with SunFramework 2.2.30

Import SCSS into a JSN template

JSN SunFramework module selector switch throws an error

Sun Framework Option in the frontend editor

Content Issue colours of links

JSN Framework error while loaing landing page

We want to update JSN TasteTea

Upgrade of templates and componenets

Problem com_content custom template TasteTea


Images don't show after customization

after save design in my web (localhost) get messy:

Problem with font

syntax error on homepage

Sub Menu color (mobil)

Color Icon JSN Teki Smartphone

Problem with licence and layout

Change to Teki2

Image folder not accessible

Content Editor has been replaced

Don't know how to use menus in the right way with teki2

White line on the photo

How to create one more item to category

JSN-Tendo 2 Cookies Content doesn't work

extra inner and outer space

Tendo 2 Sticky Menu background white instead of black

cannot select my image directory

i dont find this module on the site!?

Make site look like demo

Setting up the main menu for a multilingual site

URGENT! Template fails when uploading of image.

Cannot post to Kunena or read pre-installed topics

Module positions problem

Impossible to save the changes in Custom HTML

Chnage module styles

Hide date in mod_articles_latest

HTTP EROR 500 on Frontend after the edition of Menu

Layout issue

Ultranet not work

Missing components in downloaded Ultranet template

Principle menu - no scrolling option.

JSN Ultranet error - Call to a member function get() on null

JSN Ultranet - Accessible without login or Registering?

SQL error when installing sample data

installation does not work

Re Venture 2 template. Installed, to use sample template

Sample Data for Venture 2 is missing

Voyage login module setup css can not work!

Image in article not responsive

underscore characters beside flags


500 Error After Installing JSN Vintage 2 Template

Where can I change the code to enlarge the navigation font size?

Bad joomlashine functions after only 2 hours


Menus disappeared

Problem with css

promo section on small screens

Missing Icons and wrong page-navigation-element

It's possible to change jquery library?

Quickstart have same Issue in Search Modul like Demo

Main menu issue

Error message when editing articles

I do not want the devices choice icons on mobile view ?

RTL layout on YoYo2

Social Icons & Show Branding

JSN-Yoyo 2 ist not working correct

How to set offcanvas menu to hide after menu item is clicked

How to make "hoover" effect like team images

Icon Failures

Problems with onepage footer menu

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