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Hi there,

I wrote you about an issue with JSN Uniform date picker a long time ago, maybe more than one year. You told me you would take this in consideration but I never saw it coming in any udpate.

What I call an issue is that we can't make some dates unselectable. I already customized each and every date with CSS to make some dates LOOK unselectable, but of course they are still available for selection (some clients are a little hard-headed or maybe distracted and some of them still click…).

I don't think I'm the only person having this issue with your date picker. I guess it's mostly used to schedule appointments or book a table, etc. And 7/7 opened companies are pretty rare, right ? So most people should need this elementary feature.

Since you didn't add this feature to your date picker, could you at least give me some trick to make some dates unselectable ? Or maybe replace the selected text in the field (after selection) with "This selection is impossible" ? Maybe by adding some JS to the page ?

I've already spent hours and hours on this, trying to target those date picker elements with JS and maybe adding the unselectable class to them or disable the click eventListerner. But it's been all in vain unfortunately.

Thank you.
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