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Hi Folks,

[Summary: My WORKAROUND worked, but it may be worth fixing what seems to me to be a bug.]

'This has been working fine with my Megamenu until now, but, after some menu rearrangement, I was finding that hovering over a Megamenu link on the left of the Megamenu, was displaying the sub-menu under the divs to the right. Here's an image to show you what I mean:

As far as I know, the only thing I did was:

  1. Move an element from one column to another
  2. Re-arrange the order of the columns

I tried:

  1. Deleting and recreating the leftmost element
  2. Deleting and adding another row and moving the elements down

... neither worked.

What did work, was deleting and recreating the OTHER elements (i.e. tothe right) that were appearing on top of the sub-menu chain. I suspect that it is arranging the divs in reverse order of creation (just a guess).

'Hope that helps, with someone else!

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