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Hi Folks,

The Megamenu configuration for JSN Boot PRO is great! I'm using the Joomla Module option: it's very easy to configure and works like a charm.

I've successfully created Megamenu elements for the three main submenus off the menu item concerned.

I would like, however to also have links to the Submenu items themselves, not just their children. It would be ideal if there was an easy way (other than via custom JS) to make the element titles into links to those menu items.

Here is a simple example to clarify what I'm after:

Main Menu Item: Pets
1. Dogs
a. Small Dogs
b. Medium-sized Dogs
c. Big dogs
2. Cats
a. Furry Cats
b. Non-Furry Cats

The layout I've got is

DOGS - section heading: no link
Small Dogs - link
Medium-sized Dogs - link
Big Dogs - link

CATS - section heading: no link
Furry Cats - link
Non-Furry Cats - link

I would like to make the section headings into links to the relevant menu items which have k2 items associated with them - and have it translate appropriately to the mobile view.

I tried creating single menu item links - couldn't.

I'd be grateful for any advice you may have to offer.


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