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First question : do yoyo template is compatible with DJ-Classifieds ?

I joined a pic of the architecture I would like to create. Can you tell me if I can do that with the free version which means I can move, add, delete some modules in the layout ?
And if the answer is YES, how I do that ? Can I just exchange some modules of spaces by drop off ? I don't want to buy YOYO if it's too complicated to manipulate it, I'm a beginner.
If the answer is NO, can you tell me if I can do it with the paid version with the same details (how)?

In plus, I want put the template only on my homepage, the others should be done with the jm-services templates which is included with the DJ-Classifieds Quickstart package that I've bought already. Would that be possible ? I cannot find the answer in the documentation.

Thanks by advance for your answer,
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