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Here are a load of suggestion for your joomlashine products. I hope you find them useful. They are all meant to be positive as I like Joomlashine products.
I made list a while back so some of them might not be relevant any more.:)
Custom.css in templates

  • reason custom.css should be removed. - i am developing a site using jsn-one and i added the slideshow css to my site and then used the class jsn-demo-page which causes my homepage content to disappear. this is most likely because of code in the custom.css
  • Perhaps custom.css and custom.js should be renamed demo.css and demo.js if these are the JavaScript’s and CSS used for the demo. This would make more sense.

Other Suggestions

  • Download section is awkward to use. the orders/invoices should be in a nice list/table and not in an accordion.
  • Downloads and orders/invoices should be seperate
  • expired orders should be hidden by default as they just get in the way.
  • in my downloads section i have loads of unwanted orders, like Dona template as a separate item, but i have this also under my developers tab. I only ever use the developers tab the rest of my items get in the way.
  • the orders/download section needs a bit of love.
  • i would like and option to download the whole of your catalog in one go so i can update all of my local copies in one go (only for lifetime developer packages)
  • it is possibly to have a different username and password for updating my products because i do not really like exposing my joomlashine username and password to the internet, i also have to use an insecure password so i can remember it.
  • the option to combine and download items in the download section does not work.
  • rename all the downloads so they have their version number in the title. the documents should also have the version in the pdf name aswell
  • reta graphics package is missing, cannot download it
  • easyblog5 file downloads shoiuld have number in the tile, ie. easyblog 5 download in pixels does not hasve a number in it
  • the documents download does not need to have the pdf in a folder, there are only 2 files
  • will you build kunena templates into your templates- is this possibly yet?
  • make a direct link available for downloading the latest jsn framework - ie
  • reta has no kunena theme
  • in ferado you have to install the virtuemart component, do you need to install tcpdf and the AIO extensions
  • JSN Cube currently has a chrismas theme as part of the sample data, fo me using this as a base for anyones site is limited and i would prefer the old standard version back. What would be nice is for premium members is that a christmas addon pack is made available so it is not lost as a resource. you might consider doing this for your other templates but make sure that the standard one remains standard.
  • make all extensions and templates compatible with the joomla update manager
  • joomlashine missing responsive stage.txt, it was called display-desktop-wide
  • /* Mobile Portrait Size to Mobile Landscape Size (devices and browsers) */
    /* was 1280px */
    /*@media only screen and (max-width: 960px) {
    .display-desktop.display-desktop-wide, .display-desktop-wide {display:none !important}
  • forum error message should be a modal box at joomlashine, not at the top where no one can see the error message
  • when using quick reply on the forum if you post too quickly the flood defense prevents posting and then wipes your text. This needs fixing
  • add ebay in to the social icons, a lot of small traders have ebay sites/shops
  • ebay, email and Instagram should be added to social icons


  • when using thumbnails for masonry theme the images end up with a lot of white space ruining the tile effect
  • be able to set max width. you are not able to make a fully responsive imageshow with these settings.


  • more theming of uniform and image show.
  • I would like to see a library of styles that we can use.
  • uniform needs to respect what default WYSIWYG is configured
  • in uniforms code you have the following
  • - $json = @file_get_contents(""; . $ipAddr);
  • - this service no longer works
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