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First: i can only write this issue here, because the orders are expired. Sorry.

The new implementation of the token key does not work.
We have 4-5 Websites with the products of JoomlaShine (ImageShow, Pagebuilder, Uniform). Since the last update for the Framework came out, on every Site i must input my login data to GET the token key. BUT if i do this, a NEW key will generated. ???????????????? What?
On my account here i see then, that a really new key is generated.

Then If i go to another Website to update a product (like Uniform) the old key is saved and logically NOT VALID ANYMORE (Update don't work). WTF.
OK, i input my login data again and press "Get token key". UPS. A next NEW key is generated again. This is horrible. If the next update came out, the token key on the first website is again NOT VALID because of the new generated key on the second website.

This is a NO GO. This must really fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks PC-GRAF
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