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I am even further unhappy (Previosly I had no cause for complaint until your 'Trick' with PB V1 and V2) which is now not helped wondering why my post in the past couple of days, has now disappeared from you site, when it deserves answering and not just for myself but some other members who I know are feeling the same... going to answer it this time around and respect me as a customer, or are you going to choose to delete a perfectly VALID query again?

LouisAlviss wrote: Hi,
1. PB v2 is a different package with v2, so you will need to buy it separately.

Is this serious? Wow, I'm not sure what to say and it seems an unusual course of action in my honest opinion.

Keep paying for X time whilst one's PB v1 subscription has left to run and for what will have become a sub-standard offering, due to a new flashy big daddy of PB v2... sounds like having your cake and eating it really.

Additionally, when anybody goes to the 'Extensions' list at the top of your pages, it only lists PB v2, not V1 also which doesn't seem to fit with the above hinted course of your action?

Sad times.

Another Member wrote: My thoughts exactly, I and many other have active PG 1 subscriptions now we are forced to pay into an upgrade 100% unprofessional JSN. I have voiced my concerns over this and somehow they keep getting move to sales..and trust me know one from sales answers threads

the fact the PGV2 isa 69.00 USD that over 80.00 Canadian for me for 6 month a money grab from JOOMLASHINE.

There's more PageBuilder's on the market than ever before, whilst it would be a hassle initially... I certainly won't have any qualms of just moving to another who values it's current clientele and offers similar (queue the we're the best, which is rarely ever true in any market space for one reason for another)

Alienate one's clients at one's peril as the saying goes. I wouldn't normally complain so vehemently but this isn't a laughing matter in my eyes and I think Joomlashine has SERIOUSLY underestimated this issue and not thought this through correctly for it's paying clients = US!.

I just cannot understand the stance and idea behind it but also a newsletter to explain this addition / change of structure or requirement would have been nice, without me finding out through seeing there was a new update in my joomla backend to V1, me then coming to this site to check the changelog of which wasn't updated for v1.3.5 and then I headed to the PB Pro forum THAT I'M PAID UP FOR. I then noticed a section for PB and then PB v2 and had to dig for what was the reason for this change.


So then TAKE TWO - communicate with me Joomlashine, help me understand why you are taking this model and why I should FURTHER buy into it, as outlined above; it certainly isn't the 'Norm' that's for sure.

I will screenshot this brand new post and then wait to see if you delete this one without reply also, the ball is in your court and this is easily solved, if you want it to be. Shutting down valid queries from ANY customer who has already paid you for a product that STILL has nearly HALF A YEAR to run, which you're now changing it's VALUE (Not on about the price in this instance) and WITHOUT client communication is NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE how ever you tell yourself anything other.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

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