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Dear JoomlaShine affiliates,

To save your time on promoting our products and to help you earn money quicker, JoomlaShine Affiliate team has designed many eye-catching about each of JoomlaShine products. In this post, I will list down all these banners so you can check which are the most suitable for you. You also can see the coming-soon banners that we're building for you.


Post Affiliate Pro allows us to create several different types of banner: image, text link, PDF, Flash, HTML banners or promo email messages. But we only choose 3 most-used types to prepare for you:
  • Image
  • Text link
  • HTML files
(If you need other types, please let us know. )Each banner included all necessary information to track your sale and promote our product. To use the banner, you just copy and paste the code to your page.

Banner Details

Banner categories

Banners are created for each of JoomlaShine products and support 2 languages: English and German. They are divided by categories. You can choose kind of banner quickly based on these categories.


These categories will be updated when new product is out or new language is added.

Image Banner

We prepared 84 images banners with 9 different sizes to choose.
  • Size 120x240
  • Size 120x600
  • Size 120x90
  • Size 125x125
  • Size 160x600
  • Size 250x250
  • Size 300x250
  • Size 468x60
  • Size 728x90
Size 468x60 is recommended by a JoomlaShine affiliate. So if you want more sizes, feel free to contact us.


Text Link

There are 32 current text links. Each text link has already the target URL and your affiliate ID. You can easily insert the text link into your article, your module, your menu or anywhere you want to promote JoomlaShine product.

http://www.joomlashine.com/images/content/forum/banners-JoomlaShine-affiliates/affiliate-text-links.png [/center]

Whenever the new product is released, JoomlaShine will make a new text link for affiliate.

HTML files

To save time of affiliate on JoomlaShine promotion, we prepared documentation about the reason to choose JoomlaShine templates and JoomlaShine extensions. These files are prepared as .zip files included HTML files and images files. Affiliate can download and use all materials on their sites. The links in HTML file are not affiliate links so you have to edit it as you want. You also can change the content of these HTML files to suitable with your site. To download these files, please go Start -> Quick Start docs -> JoomlaShine products.

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