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Pre-sale FAQ

General Questions
  • What methods of payment do you accept?We accept as payment method major credit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer. The purchase process is maintained by our business partner via secure pages.
  • When is my product available to download?After purchase process you have to click on button "Finalize". Afterward, you will be redirected back to Customer Area where you can download the product instantly.
  • How can I download the product and updates?You can download purchased products and updates at Customer Area
  • What support do you offer?We have 2 kind of support infrastructure: the Forum and Dedicated Helpdesk system. The helpdesk system is available only for paid customers. For more information about Support Policy please click here.
  • Is there a way to upgrade the license of product?You can upgrade the license of products via Customer Area. The instruction of upgrade process you can get here.
Product Questions
  • Are your templates search engine optimized?We design and code the template carefully taking into account latest technology including SEO optimization. As an example, within JSN Epic PRO template there is available SEO parameter which positively effect on Google and other search engines. Learn more.
  • Are your templates work with non English Joomla version?Our templates works well and stably on different version of Joomla CMS. Feel free to make sure about that visiting real examples:-
  • Can I modify the source code of template?Since you paid for the template, you are authorized to make any changes and modifications to achieve your desired intention.In addition, if you need assistance for customization the template please feel free to contact us for getting free support.
  • Can I remove copyrights?Since you bought the PRO version of products you are allowed to remove copyright information "Designed by"
  • Free version of JSN templates for commercial useOur free templates are created for you to use on any projects whether it would be for business or personal. You may customize as much as you like. As appreciation we do ask you to keep copyright link in the footer.
We'd like these FAQ to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have any suggestions or think that there is something that should be added into this list please feel free to use "Contact Us". We take into account your opinion seriously in order of improvement the quality of products and services.If you need more Pre-sale information, please read more here: FAQ Part 1 and FAQ Part 2.
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