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we use your Form-Builder for a long time.
Now, since yeeditor won´t be developed further, we are looking for another paid Pagebuilder.
Therefore it is annoying, that you give no access to your support-forum before buying, to check, if your Pagebuilder all can do, what we need.

We have Questions about the product:
• the JCE Component: Menu-Buttons are not sorted, the width doesn´t fit, local video can´t be added (inspite of given permissions), is that a bug?
• the image-element doesn´t add SVG, is that not intended?
• there is no Option for Introtext and Readmore, how do you build a blog with newsletter?
(We use AcyMailing for Newsletters)

• there is no HTML-"Only"-Element, (without wysiwyg, for a quick adding of JS, PHP, or simple Code it is usefull)

Best regards,
Kai Reimers
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