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Nothing but issue trying to get Quix to replace JSN Pagebuilder not only is the interface clunky, slow and seems to be launching a hidden website just to generate a page.
Support from Themexpert is slow and unresponsive at best. I asked 4 times why I was not able to install the lite version I finally received and email response 4 days later. Try install the latest version WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! that what I had been using. After trying an clean install of J4 then add quix I fnally got it to install. tried uninstalling and it broke the J4 install. Which I had to reinstall J4 again.

After asking again I got banned form logging into the my account! no way to treat a customer.

I wish JSN you work out the issue with JSN Pagebuilder to function with J4 as mentioned in a previous post I was able to install it on J4 install but not functional. its so closde.

and most of their extensions have not been converted to J4 and why is their Quix at a deep discount a red flag that this company is heading out the same way and JSN shutting it's doors.

Rant over my advice do not buy Quix 4
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