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Dear JSN Supporters.
When you announced that you were stopping your business with JoomlaShine, you promised that:
1. There would be support for your software for one year after the announcement
2. That the licenses would be released for free use
I have now come to the situation that all my JSN products are EXPIRED and that it is no longer possible to update my website.

I get the following message: Your PRO Individual license is expired. Renew License (PB4) when I try to update an article.
The following licenses are marked as expired:
• JSN PowerAdmin 2 Developer Aug 17, 2021
• JSN PageBuilder 4 Individual Oct 20, 2021
• JSN Epic 2 Developer Aug 17, 2021

It is possible to change text in an article, but it is not possible to add layout elements, for example: Heading, Paragraph, Image,…. It is possible to select the items, but when I try to place them on the page, nothing happens.

I have of course tried to update PB4 to version 1.3.9, but am told that the product is expired.

What can / will you do to help me?

Happy New Year to You in the JSN-team (when it comes to Vietnam)
Ib Stolberg-Rohr
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