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JoomlaShine affiliate program has been running about 2 months. I know that you are wondering is this program can really make money for you? Let's see the results from other affiliate.


A.D.F joined JoomlaShine Affiliate program at 11/26/2012. Up to 12/11/2012, just 2 weeks, he has 13 sales and earn $206.12. He only need 1 week to receive the 40% commission. E.K is our current customer. He joined JoomlaShine affiliate program and sell 5 products for us via his site and earn $ 99.75. Many other affiliates have been earning money with JoomlaShine affiliate program days by days. So how could they do that? I am happy to list for you some marketing tips that they did.

1. Share the discount coupon

[color=#ff0000]Please note that: Now we do not accept commission from purchase using coupon & we do not approve sale from coupon site.[/color]

JoomlaShine often provide special coupon discount for customer whenever we release the new products. Some of our affiliates submit the discount code to their site so every visitors can see the code easily. They'd love to click and buy the product where the price is cheaper than the store.


Share the coupon code for visitors[/center]

2. Promote via social media channels

Social media channels can help you go viral and the news can come to other people quickly. Each news about JoomlaShine has been shared via Twitter and Facebook . You can use the integration between Twitter and Facebook to save your posting time.

Post about JoomlaShine products[/center]

3. Use JoomlaShine product

E.K uses one of our template JSN Pixel for his site. That's really a good way to promote the quality of product. People feel safe and more comfortable to pay money if they see the real showcase.

4. Show banner in eye-catching places

Using banner is one of most popular ways for affiliate to promote the products. Choose the big banner and put it in your site where the customer see it easily. Many affiliates earn first sales with these banners.

Big banner in the main site[/center]

5. Send email to friends or customers

Everyday, people must check their e-mails so email marketing has been never die. A.D.F send notification email to friends and customers whenever he has a new coupon. This newsletter helps customer get in touch with his site regularly.
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