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Dear JoomlaShine,

We have purchased the Page Builder 2 PRO Developer license, following your links in the Joomla admin tools to upgrade Page Builder to PRO, but we have found Page Builder 2 is a completely different product. Is there any way at all, that you can allow a way for us to unlock the original Page Builder 1 PRO with the license for Page Builder 2 that we've purchased? Your help is greatly appreciated as a project is now behind schedule due to client absolutely requiring use of the original Page Builder Pro interface as that is what their team is comfortable using. I would very much appreciate any way we can unlock this feature, and we would be happy to pay. Even after installing the Page Builder 2, we are getting the 5 page limit reached notice when trying to use the original pagebuilder tool for any new page updates.

My order ID: 7762C1VXVW

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue,
most sincerely,
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