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Hi There,

So, you've removed PBv1.x Changelog, somebody else has already stated this is important to know what has been changed but you've bullishly just said it's removed, without even putting a backend changelog link in J update listing for updates or even just placing a Changelog in the top of the PB V1 forum section, it's not rocket science is it! *crazy* So I'm expected to just click "Update" without knowing of any ramifications and you cannot say there won't be any, as there's been plenty of your paying customers who have updated and there's been countless issues over time.

Care to actually detail in this post reply what the changelog is for PB1v1.4.0?

Why does everything have to be a headache with Joomlashine, as it takes the SHINE off your product for sure.

Next, now you've moved on to PB3 that's currently PB2 version v1.5.0 - again such a headache and hence why enough people have to ask for clarifications about it, so my question;

HOW LONG EXACTLY will Joomlashine be supporting PB1? This is an imperative and critical point that needs answering for ALL PB1 clients, who are likely no doubt wondering the same even if it's not been asked much, it's about time for some honest talking, is it not?

So, what is Joomlashine's 'Detailed' advice to PB1 clients, as how to best go about moving all their PB1 content / articles to PB2, or is it 3... such a pain in the ass wow! (I feel for one poster that has stated he has TWO HUNDRED & FORTY FIVE sites using PB, my head would be blowing up if I was that person - as I only have a singular site but there's NEVER been any helpful guidance on this critical matter.

It's absolutely incredible! So, my subscription is up for renewal in 6 weeks or so, what is Joomlashine's reasons for me staying and not moving to another PB, or do you have the attitude that singular dissatisfied clients actually mean nothing to your brand and products?

Exasperated indeed!
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