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Your platform is becoming more and more complex, especially pro series, page builder 3,

Joomla shine is no more user friendly. It is becoming more and more complex. For most of the simple stuff, we will have to contact your support for even small things.

I am using Joomla shine, since 2012. Now, I realize that it is no more user friendly. So I am thinking of quitting and look for some other user-friendly Joomla framework.

Your support is good. But since we live in Us and Canada, there is exactly 12 hours time difference, so it will waste 1 day for every small change.

Take an example, for project, I had only the following 4 changes to be made
1. Top bar, add social media links,
2. Footer, email to make it visible (when we put standard email id, though we don't put hyperlink, it was becoming clickable and email used to disappear)
3. form validation setting
4. Submit button was disappeared from the contact us form for no reason

Other difficulties
5. Unable to install template though we have paid account
6. Page layout setting is no more simple
7. page builder 3 the worst ever (ATLEAST FOR ME)

This took almost 10 days to solve these issues and still 2 are pending. This kind of problem we never had before.

Thank you for your support. My advice to you is to cancel all your latest products and focus only on user friendly and the ability for the developer and the developer to customize as per their requirement without depending on your encrypted codes for every instance.

This is going to be my last project with Joomla shine.

My humble request is to fix the "submit" button so that I can make the website live.
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