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Hi guys,

First of all, i marked this suggestion as "critical" since it is a feature that i really need on my website, and if you guys happen to not doing it for any reason, i will have to check for other alternatives that do what i need.
I'm talking about the Imageshow, which is my main extension for galleries. I'm using mainly the classic and grid showcases, and my suggestion is to add an additional option for the "Image Click Action" for the Classic theme, which would be, like happens on Theme Grid, to "Show Original Image".
It would be a great addition to the extension, and being able to amplify the image without moving to another page would be most important in my case, granting the visitor the possibility of seeing the image in detail.
It's a feature that i really miss on this particular Theme, so i hope it is possible and interesting for you guys to make.

Best regards,

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