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I am new to JoomlaShine. I have installed a template {JSN Fidem 2 Pro} and the sample data. What I need is a clear and current, easy to understand video tutorial on how to replace the sample data pics and text with my own. I cannot find this anywhere. There are all kinds of very old, dated, 4, 5, 6 years old videos on YouTube that show all kinds of things except how to find and replace the sample data pics and text with ones own. A video tutorial with clear English audio is needed. There should be a current tutorial playlist available that goes in orderly fashion from the beginning to finishing a website by replacing the sample data pics and text with ones own. Searching YouTube just brings up a hodgepodge of old and dated material that is not very helpful. There really needs to be an up-to-date Official JoomlaShine tutorial playlist on YouTube or on your official site that presents the step-by-step process in an easy to understand English format that is detailed and slow so that people can follow it step by step. Please help. Thank You!
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