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This is nice.... From the template, I upgrade FREE Pixel and you give me Pixel2. So, everything is setup different and my website is gone.

1. Why are you selling a different version, when we click the buy pro button?
2. How/when is this going to get fixed?
3. Is there email or ticket support. This forum support sucks. I paid $51 for 6 months of forum support?? In 16 hours. I should have looked a little closer at that. It could take 3-4 days to get a small problem solved!

4. Also, we are told we can setup our websites and once we upgrade everything stays the same, except css. Now after I pay $51, this isn't true.... Well, I spent 50 hours and made 3 websites. And now NONE of them work! They ALL need to be migrated.

Not happy. You have messages EVERYWHERE in the template and inside the admin to buy this template. Why don't you say ANYWHERE that its a new template and it won't work?

5. I need to upgrade and pay $10 so I can get the developers package so I can use the template on multiple websites. How do i do this. Or just refund my money and I will start over.

6. What's with this token crap that doesn't update from the website? The button doesn't even work it does nothing!

It's so easy to download the free template and set it up, once you pay the process goes down the toilet...

7 hours and still no response. I can see now I'm going to get one reply at the end of every business day and this is going to take a week!! There are 100 websites selling templates that respond several times in a few hour span. Why did I come here???
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