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  4. Where or what is the JSN Template Framework (for classic templates) in case of template reinstall ?
Assuming I want to reinstall the whole Joomla! (3.x) site from scratch using a template I purchased some time ago (say, by using "jsn_solid_pro_standard_2.1.0_install" or "jsn_epic_pro_standard_6.2.3_install" .zip files I still have), how will then install the required JSN Template Framework when JSN no longer exists ? This is/was something taken automatically from JSN servers ? Documentation says "JSN Template Framework will be installed automatically when you install JSN Solid.".

If I just make a backup of the current site content (directory structure), that means that, after site clean reinstall, I can copy back some files so the "framework" become restored ?

Or, a quickstart file from same template series contains the required "framework" ? (which, in case of 'yes', may not be the latest possible version; on my current web site it says "Framework: 3.2.9 - The latest version.";)

Thank you,
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