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Personal Note to Joomlashine:
I permit Joomlashine to use anything I post here any way you want, anywhere you want. You can modify, whatever, if it helps you guys (and girls).

Why JSN PageBuilder is my top choice after 2 years testing All Joomla Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor.

◉ Why we need a Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor
By experience, I can say that the great attraction and the great problems from site owners now is not the CMS system itself (They don’t really care) but how easy it is to edit it themselves. Sadly, traditional editors like JCE, even with the great new Drag & Drop bootstrap columns, Drag & Drop templates and plethora of power tools, is far to be as user-friendly as a Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor.

Our well-known crappy competition is not sleeping. They bring to the table what will be the future of ALL CMS. It’s simple, In 2021 a CMS without a great Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor is simply going to dye.
Yeah, I still take care of few friends that get caught by the popularity and were stuck with useless or hack websites and disappearing support)
and I was interested by the arrival of the WP native relatively crappy Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor “Gutenberg”.

Joomla is different, and let the task to its trusted renowned base of quality extensions developers to bring us that power and, as plan, they deliver.

◉ FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS, I test ALL of the Joomla Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editors in the JED to find the pearl that should propel Joomla to new heights.

I start with 3 simple pre-requisites that should be part of the perfect modern editor to integrate fully with Joomla to really show the competition what you can do with Joomla.

In order of importance:
1. I want a Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor that really integrates with the Joomla system. It needs to look like it’s part of the core Joomla. It just needs to edit like any conventional Editors but with the Drag & Drop WYSIWYG power

Note: As with all my other extensions, I hate anything that wants you to use their own system and disregard the native power and possibilities given and available in a native Joomla. That vision is narrow and a great disservice to Joomla itself.

2. II want the Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor to be powerful. I should be able to build anything I want, just like my trusted JCE Editor. No Limits. All that should come with a top-notch UI & UX. You should be able to start editing right away and understand the overall system without any type of documentation in few hours. That”s what a modern CMS (Content Management System) should be. Also, the Editors should work seamlessly in All great Joomla frameworks.

3. Ideally, but not as important, it should come from an established Team name in the Joomla developers community. But I was willing to look at smaller and newer developers. (Everybody deserves a chance)

◉ The Results!
Surprise! After 2 years, I eliminate all Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editors in the JED but 4 on the prerequisite 1 alone….

Most of the big names in the JED don’t even let you edit in the backend, bye, bye the powerful Joomla backend edition, and few others offer you a completely different editor in the backend, now you are stuck to learn 2 Editors. Some can’t even work with Custom HTML Modules and bypass completely the Joomla article manager and even the multilingual system???
— Also, they all missed too many important points from my number 2 prerequisite to be usable.

On the 4 remaining Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editors that do let you edit in Joomla backend
— One from a big company was extremely buggy (frontend/backend) on other frameworks and their support where unable to make the backend editor work at all.
— 2 wherefrom independent developers and miss to many important functions and demands from my number 2 prerequisite
— That let me with only ONE great Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor with only minors UI-UX problems that check almost to the T all my prerequisites and even surprise me at how thoughtful and smart their Builder is.

YES! — Joomlashine Page Builder 4 and by far.
— Also, their support when testing was great as I bombard them with questions. :)

I live in Canada, 63 years old and work with Joomla for more than a decade. I actively participate on the Joomla forum and Github. ! have no affiliation with Joomlashine other than to give them my full support to spread the love and congratulate them for their Builder.

This is THE EDITOR PAGE BUILDER Joomla 4 was missing to regain its popularity.

Thanks again Joomlashine!

Feel free to ask me questions! ;)
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