Find Module and Module Position

Find and edit any module on the go within minutes with the help of JSN PowerAdmin 2. Work best when you use the sample data of our template.

Using JSN PowerAdmin 2

Using this extension is an optimal way to modify your site since it can help you not only find any module, module position, section but modify it on the go as well.

Note: JSN PowerAdmin 2 are integrated into the sample data and free to use.

Here is how you make use of it to change sample data.

Step 1: On the top bar, click on Site manager

Click on Site manager

Step 2: Find the name of the module you want to change on the right.

Note: You can also change the component or find any section with the same method. 

Using Sun Framework

By using Sun Framework, you can find any module which has been assigned to a module position or section that you built in layout.

Step 1: Go to the template setting

Step 2: On the layout control panel, you can have 2 way to find and configure a module on the go: 

Using module position element

1. Find any module position element on the layout

2. Click View Module to see which module has been assigned to this position

3. You can change the module position assigned to this element

Using module element

1. Find any module element on the layout

2. Click Configure module to configure the module

3. If you want another module for this elements

Note: its module position will be controlled by the contained section if it's not assigned to any position. 

Set favorite page

With this feature you are able to add current page to the favorite list.

Step 1: Click on Add current page to favorites menu item to add your current page to the favorite list.

Step 2: A modal box should be shown to you. Here you can change the title of the page. Once you're done, just click on Ok button to finish.


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This article is from “Getting Started" series. A series that help new users speed up their development process and utilize every feature in JSN Sun Framework.

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