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Joomla Hotel - Restaurant Templates

Do you want a classy look in your hotel, restaurant website? Take a look at Joomla Hotel templates from JoomlaShine optimized for service industry

Reasons to choose our Joomla hotel/restaurant templates

  • Brilliant visual design for Joomla restaurant/hotel template with a powerful built-in framework
  • Run smoothly and responsively in desktop and smartphone screen
  • Friendly front-end design with the perfect combination of K2 and Kunena extension
  • Integrate with Jomers extension to build an outstanding hotel booking system: JSN Levart 2, JSN Sky 2
  • Well supported with effortless configuration and detailed documents

What our customer says?

Joomlashine is one of the finest Joomla Template Designers in the world. They have not released very many but they are not a template farm. Joomlashine develops very professional templates, terrific navigation and module positions. This developer has used JoomlaShine Epic template many times and it is by far one of the nicest templates to work with you will ever find. I have been waiting for some time now ever since I heard that Joomlashine was developing a new template. Dome was no disappointment! It is very well thought out with terrific module positions that lend this template to many applications form E-commerce to non-profit.
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JSN Voyage - Tourism & Hotel Booking Template

2 niche(s)3.x

JSN Bakery - Bakery & restaurant template with impressive UI/UX element & eCommerce solution

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JSN Cube 2 - Stunning visual template for restaurant websites

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Gruve 2 - Joomla template for restaurant website

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Levart 2 - Intuitive booking & travel Joomla template

1 niche(s)3.x

JSN Sky 2 - Classy Joomla template for hotel & hospitality site

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