JSN PageBuilder 4 - The most popular Joomla Page Builder

JSN PageBuilder 4 is a drag & drop, visual page builder for Joomla. Whether you are a non-programmer or a developer, it gives you the freedom to build, design, and manage Joomla beautiful pages exactly the way you want. Not to mention, this Joomla page builder combines with Joomla editor to create a fully visual front-end/back-end editing experience. Moreover, JSN PageBuilder 4 offers free pre-designed page layouts to speed up your development on creating landing pages.

Works & fully compatible with Joomla 3.5.x & later.

  • Updated Date: June 11, 2021
  • Latest Version: 1.3.6 (changelog)


Everything you need to build awesome Joomla pages in minutes without coding.

Joomla page builder for everyone

It doesn't matter if you're an user, developer or somewhere in between JSN PageBuilder 4 is easy-to-use for all.



If you are a freelancer, JSN PageBuilder 4 will be the best choice. You will be more easier, faster and more enjoyable in designing and developing an website that can meet all requires of your clients



If you are a Joomla Development agency or a website provider, JSN PageBuilder 4 is perfect for your choice. This Joomla page builder helps you to complete your projects faster and more efficient


Website owners

If you are a website owner and want to set up a Joomla website by yourself. JSN PageBuilder 4 will give you the ease and freedom to do that without writing a single of line code

A Smart and flexible joomla pagebuilder

A flexible layout building, a library of powerful elements, everything you need for your imaginable website are well organized in one place. 

Intuitive Visual Composer

Intuitive Visual Composer

The flexible visual layout manager with drag-n-drop object capabilities allows you to make changes instantly and see end-results in the same screen
30+ Powerful Elements

30+ Powerful Elements

Each element in JSN PageBuilder 4 offers advanced style customization, so you can fine-tune them and get your expected design
Advanced Responsive Controls

Advanced Responsive Controls

Create responsive web page on different devices, control and customize web presence on a single device without any effect on others
As A Joomla Editor

As A Joomla Editor

JSN PageBuilder 4 works perfectly as a Joomla editor to create a fully visual front-end and back-end editing experience.
Powerful Tracking Feature

Powerful Tracking Feature

The Joomla Page Builder offers a useful tracking feature that allows you to measure and track web page elements on your site.
Auto Save, Redo & Undo

Auto Save, Redo & Undo

In JSN PageBuilder 4, your work is automatically saved. If you accidentally make a mistake, JSN PageBuilder 4 has your back.

Explore more exciting features

There are so many wonderful features that empower you to build amazing, profession Joomla sites.


Joomla Integration

JSN PageBuilder 4 is compatible with Joomla module and other extensions that keep performance staying same the without any effect on functionality


Revision History

Every time you make changes on a page, a new revision is created, so you can always trace back your steps or revert to a certain step you want.


SEO Optimization

The Joomla page builder utilizes Joomla page title, meta tags, and meta keywords for perfect SEO. You will get on top of SERFs without hiring any SEO expert.

3rd Party Integration

JSN PageBuilder 4 works perfectly with Joomla articles, modules and extensions like K2 & Falang


3rd Extensions Supported

JSN PageBuilder 4 fully supports EasyBlog, J2Store and K2 extensions

EasyBlog Joomla
K2 Joomla
J2Store Joomla

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PRO Individual
PRO Developer
  • Visual page builder with drag-n-drop composer
  • A library of more than 30 comprehensive elements
  • A perfectly Joomla editor in backend and front-end
  • Fully supporting Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Advanced responsive options
  • Auto save and unlimited redo/undo
  • Joomla module and 3rd-party integration
  • On-page SEO friendly
  • Revision history
  • K2, Falang Intergration
Max. page amount 01 Unlimited Unlimited
Technical Support Basic Support 6 Months 12 Months
Download & Update Limited 6 Months 12 Months
Domain License ... 01 Unlimited
Copyright Removal ...
Renewal Discount ... 15% OFF 20% OFF
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