JSN UniForm Changelog

Version 4.0.2

  • # Fix bug in submission pagination
  • # Fix bug in text copyright
  • # Fix bug outdated message when install sample data of Uniform 4.0.1
  • # Fix bug crashed JS on a form with long content
  • # Fix bug JS timeout dialog
  • # Fix bug No email notification when using a Conditional Field
  • ^ Improvement: Hide Menu Tab in Module When Save JSN Uniform Module

Version 4.0.1

  • + Add From Email parameter in Configuration
  • ^ Improve UI All payment plugins
  • # Fix Bug hidden sub-menus at Administrator on joomla3.6.0
  • # Fix Crossed bug between conditional field and PageBuilder Accordion
  • # Fix some javascript bugs

Version 4.0.0

  • + Create Stripe payment plugin
  • + Create 2checkout payment plugin
  • + Create Authorize.net payment plugin
  • + Add the plugins manager mechanism
  • + Add Preview Form Feature
  • + Add Meta Tags Feature
  • + Add PHP script run before: Form display, form process, form has been processed
  • + Add hidden property for Recipient Email field
  • + Add GoogleMap Api in Configuration
  • ^ Support capitalized characters in email format
  • # The Payment feature doesn't work with Hidden field
  • # Fix Bug uncheck Form Fields in the submission menu

Version 3.3.12

  • + Add a parameter which allows user to choose saving of IP Address, Browser, OS or not
  • ^ Support JCE Editor
  • ^ Support utf-8 email
  • # Fix bug sticky menu in form settings page
  • + Add a refresh button on the secure-image capcha
  • # Format checkbox value in print page

Version 3.3.11

  • # Fix PHP error on PHP version < 5.4.x

Version 3.3.10

  • + Add Metadata in Menu item display in Form and Submission views
  • + Multilingual default label fields
  • + Add limit combox in submissions page
  • + Add Session keeper for each form
  • Fix required, validated fields: Likert, file updload
  • Fix Zero value in field Number is saved as N/A
  • Fix: The menu setting bar is hidden when use editor Codemirror
  • Fix: Mailchimp integration doesn't send the Form information: First Name, Last Name
  • Fix: Recount total submission when one or more submission is deleted

Version 3.3.9

  • ^ Fix Dropdown field size not work
  • + Add Print button for submission details
  • + Add option Google recaptcha timeout in configuration view
  • # Fix "Reply To" in email template settings in Joomla 3.5.1

Version 3.3.8

  • # Fix Cannot send email with Email Notification on PHP7

Version 3.3.7

  • ^ Show ID field if field name if empty in Select field
  • ^ Compatible with PHP7
  • + Add: Show empty value(s) in email content option in Configuration page
  • # Fix: Free version can't insert form field at the Action tab

Version 3.3.6

  • # Fix: Validate email: Don't show warning when typing more than 10 characters
  • # Fix: fields with mapping to mailchimp
  • # Fix Default message content Send to Submitter
  • ^ Improvement Likert on submissions view and export data
  • ^ Improve the feature, checks email format
  • ^ Improve code to prevent CSRF anti-spoofing to forms
  • # Fix Bug when choose Default Form Settings is "show Article" or "Redirect to Menu Item"

Version 3.3.5

  • # Fix vulnerabilities

Version 3.3.4

  • ^ Improve code, remove all redundant code
  • ^ Improve hide/show field function
  • ^ Update Google Map API
  • # Fix: If the hidden field is Visible and Hidden when Checkbox uncheck, it displays Require Error
  • # Fix: Bug count of character incorrect
  • # Fix: "Show Submission Data Details" parameter in submission menu
  • # Fix: Bug param Randomize Items of the Dropdown field
  • # Fix: Mailchimp mapping doesn't save
  • #Fix: Bug of the Upload field
  • # Fix: Bug function "Limit number" of the Number field when enable param "Show decimal"
  • # Fix: Bug still show warning when entered values for required fields
  • # Fix: Bug param "Background Active Color" is invalid

Version 3.3.3

  • # Fix Front-end Submission Viewing Permission

Version 3.3.2

  • # Fix bun Security with the submission viewing in Front-end

Version 3.3.1

  • + Add: Option to Show Recipient Email in Dropdown field
  • + Add: Choose submission to export
  • ^ Update: all units in the both Currency field must be matched in both screens: [Form Settings & Payment Getway Settings screens]
  • ^ Improve: Don't submit the Form if Payment not success Option
  • ^ Linkert Field can't submit, Required error even input value
  • # Fix: Export field "Likert", show tag "html"
  • # Fix : Not show price label in email and submission for field is not used for Payment gateway
  • # Fix image not show in email content sent to submitter

Version 3.3.0

  • + Add option to limit number of check-box choices field
  • ^ Improve Dropdown Field, add feature work search
  • ^A tag field to display which Page the Form has been submitted
  • Update date language
  • # Fix validation with W3C
  • # Fix Pagination in Submission area can't go to page 2
  • # Fix Google Map Field
  • # Fix Bug with Submission export
  • # Fix conflict Java-script with Better preview
  • # Fix bug Date picker dialog behind Property dialog of Data/time element

Version 3.2.9

  • # Compatible with joomla 3.4.7

Version 3.2.8

  • ^ Update Croatian language
  • # Fix bug Calendar display with JSN EasySlider
  • # Fix Bug: Checkbox + Hidden Field = Can't save hidden field data
  • # Fix Bug: Frontend hidden the Subscribe box when upgrade extension
  • # Fix Bug: duplicate Mailchimp list
  • # Fix Bug: Validation W3C label tag

Version 3.2.7

  • ^ Use Joomla time zone for submission time
  • # Fix bug Html displayed for empty submission fields in backend
  • # Fix Bug notice if use JSN Uniform syntax in a artilce
  • # Fix Bug with condition of action field in unchecked status
  • # Fix JS bug in Configuration page on Chorme
  • # Fix Bug with language editing in Chrome

Version 3.2.6

  • + Add new Identification code field
  • ^ Make TinMCE un-resizeable
  • ^ Format Payment data in Submission and email content
  • # Fix: Add location function doesn't work correctly in GoogleMap Field
  • # Fix: Form with layout "Horizontal" not works in frontend
  • # Fix: Cannot un-check for each upload file in Attach file in email template
  • # Fix some bugs with conditional fields

Version 3.2.5

  • + Add Option to send users detail to MailChimp only when users agree to subscribe
  • + Add tooltip for following elements: Multiple choice, list
  • + Able to custom the Static content title in Default Email Format
  • + Add custom class for Submit button
  • ^ Use TinyMCE instead of old WYSIWYG editor
  • ^ Round price with only 2 decimal on all Payment Elements and prevent enter a negative number
  • ^ Update UX for content email settings layout
  • # Fixed Inconsistent between Order of the Fields in Front-end and in Notification Email
  • # Fixed Words counting doesn't display correctly
  • # Fixed Number Field does not display Predefined Value 0
  • # Fixed Bug with Likert Field in Submissions page
  • # Fixed show double error when filed single text and Paragraph Text reach limited word

Version 3.2.3

  • + Add Quantity for Paypal Elements
  • ^ Improve the action field feature
  • # Fix some issues to The W3C Markup Validation Service
  • # Fix bug Dropdown field
  • # Fix bug cannot save menu when menu type is Submission on Joomla 3.4.3.

Version 3.2.2

  • +Allow user to add a hyperlink to item option in check-box and multiple-choice fields
  • +Add one parameter to UniForm field that enable to auto insert name of current log-in user
  • +Add Debit and credit cart for express checkout method PayPal
  • ^Change "Recepient Email" label of Field to "Recipient Email"
  • #Fixed some bug on Static Text field
  • # Fixed bug on Total box which does not use the default value from number

Version 3.2.1

  • +Add Standard PayPal checkout method
  • +Add the function show the remaining words left for Text field
  • +Add Recipient Email element
  • +Add a parameter to Email field that enable to auto insert email of current log-in user
  • ^Improve Total Money field
  • #Fixed Front-end appearance does not match like Back-End
  • # Fixed some Javascript Bugs and CSS
  • # Fixed Send to submitter email body not shown with Editor Codemirror

Version 3.2.0

  • +Add one more parameter to Static content filed that will enable to show static content in notification email content that sent to submitter
  • +Add Swedish languague for JSN UniForm
  • +Add feature add/edit value price with icon dollar
  • ^Update UX payment PayPal of JSN Uniform
  • #Fixed Bugs with Exporting Submissions when switching between forms
  • # Fixed Bug the action function doesn't work
  • # Fixed some style and JavaScript error

Version 3.1.7

  • #Fixed submission bug in IE 11
  • #Fixed some CSS style

Version 3.1.6

  • +Added payment Paypal plugin (only available on Joomla 3.x and PRO Edition)
  • #Fixed bug with Multi-Pages Form - fields sent to email display in wrong orders
  • #Fixed bug JS Conflict with Editor CodeMirror

Version 3.1.5

  • +Add more the Google ReCaptcha version 2.0
  • #Fixed bug with HTML Charset Encoding
  • #Fixed bug Cannot save MailChimp API after clicking Save Button
  • #Fixed Bug with Recapcha version 1.0

Version 3.1.4

  • ^Display javascript error when click into edit icon on Send to email/ Send to submitter
  • ^Improve document content about "how to view and edit submissions in frontend
  • ^Set time out on connecting to http://api.hostip.info for getting country information
  • #Fixed JSN Uniform Button syntax does not work when editing an article in front-end
  • #Fixed Missing Menu Assignment, Module Permissions and Advanced tab for JSN Uniform module when Advanced module manager pro is installed for 3.x
  • #Fixed some javascript bugs
  • #Fixed show submission details properly in submission details screen

Version 3.1.3

  • ^Include time to field "Date Created" in CSV/Execel exported file
  • #Fixed Javascript and CSS bugs
  • #Fixed duplicated emails bug in JSN Uniform 3.1.2
  • #Fixed Mailchimp List doesn't display when switch from No to Yes
  • #Fixed Prev, Next, New Page button aren't displayed when click delete icon on any field
  • #Fixed Css code is saved with all color schemes
  • #Fixed some bugs of Static Content field
  • #Fixed display error on Console tab when delete Uniform field in Mailchimp List.
  • #Fixed Display error on Console tab when click into Reset icon or click Save icon to add new color scheme

Version 3.1.2

  • #Fixed Photos that submitted by a form not displayed in submissions list as images but HTML code
  • #Fixed First page of frontend submission list can not be accessed

Version 3.1.1

  • ^Improved mail sending speed after form submitted
  • #Fixed Wrong submissions counting in free edition
  • #Fix Some displaying bugs

Version 3.1.0

  • ^Added Mailchimp intergration
  • #Fixed Xss error if content includes special characters
  • #Fixed Form Properties disappears after clicking on browser's scroll bar
  • #Apply Joomla WYSIWYG editor to static content

Version 3.0.8

  • #Fixed CSS Code not displayed on the tab CSS although code has been inserted
  • #Fixed Field Likert display invalid when viewed on mobile
  • #Fixed Displaying bugs.
  • #Fixed Add email in "Global Parameters" but not delete email added.
  • #Fixed Frontend displays incorrectly after setup Form Layout = Horizontal.
  • #Fixed Bug of "Select Fields" in Submissions

Version 3.0.7

  • #Fixed Don't display CSS Code on the tab CSS although code has been inserted.
  • #Fixed Focus shows incorrect after clicking the Next button in the first page, the secon page.
  • #Fixed Displaying bugs.
  • #Fixed HTML5 bugs.
  • #Fixed Load button color after change color scheme.
  • #Fixed Focus incorrect after load page.
  • #Fixed Load field when create menu to form default "Survey Product/ Service Satisfaction"

Version 3.0.6

  • # Fixed Submit function doesn't work if the function "Hide form field" of Dropdown/ Checkboxes/ Multiple choices have two or more options
  • # Fixed Focus incorrectly after clicking the Next button in the first page, the second page
  • # Fixed Gmap lib can not be loaded if the sheme is HTTPS
  • # Fixed Reset button is now showed even it has been set up
  • # Fixed Submit button doesn't work with the default form
  • # Fixed Cannot delete a lot of duplicate emails. After deleting it still exists

Version 3.0.5

  • # Fixed Display submission list on front end.
  • # Fixed Conflict with 'com_j2Store'
  • # Fixed Bug multiple file upload problem with Apple iPhone / iPad
  • # Fixed The form on the front end can not be Submitted
  • ^ Revamp form action feature

Version 3.0.4

  • # Fix major bugs on the new package
  • # Fix minor bugs to release

Version 3.0.3

  • + Add "survey form" to the pre-defined forms
  • ^ Translate JSN UniForm settings to popular languages
  • ^ Fix conflict with RokPad editor plugin
  • ^ Disable form validation when clicking previous
  • # Fix minor bugs to release
  • # Fix bug jquery "Permission denied to access property 'document' "
  • # Fix bug multiple send email
  • # Fix major bugs

Version 3.0.2

  • # Fixed minor bugs on the new package Joomla 3.2
  • # Fixed bug javascript click edit form in layout create menu items

Version 3.0.1

  • ^ Optimized assets loading in frontend
  • ^ Restored the feature to allow list of submission sort by submission type
  • # Fixed minor bugs on Joomla 3.2
  • # Fixed bug in loading reCaptcha assets
  • # Fixed conflict with RokPad editor plugin

Version 3.0.0

  • + Added feature to attach upload file to email notification
  • + Added element "Likert"
  • + Added static field "Google Map"
  • + Added options Prevent/Disable database submissions
  • + Added options Show/Hide title & descriptions form
  • ^ Integrated rich editor for "Custom Message" configuration
  • ^ Upgraded structure and data for submissions
  • # Fixed bug in Sample data installation which allow install sample data of old version

Version 2.0.1

  • ^ Improved field "File Upload" with multiple file upload capability
  • ^ Improved the "Date range" selection of Filter in Submission
  • + Added ability to reorder elements in field "Address"
  • + Added ability to set custom class to each field
  • # Fixed error on version JSN UniForm 2.1.0

Version 2.0.0

  • ^ General GUI improvements
  • + Added ability to make copies of form field
  • + Added ability to set fields in multiple columns
  • + Added ability to store form style settings to custom color theme
  • + Added Spanish (es-ES) language support
  • + Added color settings for button
  • # Fixed bug duplicate form in Joomla CMS 3.x
  • # Fixed bug logic function after saved in [Global Parameters] part
  • # Fixed bug [Added Select Fields] isn't work when open Toggle editor
  • # Fixed bug logic show button if have 2 pages
  • # Fixed bug Error logic of the form
  • # Fixed bug Save function in [Permission] part isn't work
  • # Fixed error in Submissions & Email
  • # Fixed [Allow Front-end Submission Editing] function works incorrect
  • # Fixed error when integrated to Framework 1.3.1
  • # Fixed status function in Form Manager isn't work
  • # Fixed error logic function of [Access] column in [Form Manager] screen
  • # Fixed error Search function in Uniform Submission page
  • # Fixed search function issues in Submission listing page
  • # Fixed framework issues on Joomla 3.1.5

Version 1.5.0

  • + Created advanced field "Password"
  • + Added parameter to hide any field
  • + Added Turkish language support
  • + Added Indian Rupee (INR) in the currency option field
  • + Added parameter to load BS proactively
  • ^ Applyed dynamic CSS code generation technique to form style feature
  • ^ Updated the configuration manual
  • # Fixed a bug when "Enter" is pressed. The form hides and does not submits.
  • # Fixed a bug menu item selector shows list of menu instead of menu items
  • # Bypass dependency checking if the item in xml file has "remove" atribute
  • # Fixed bugs in editing form

Version 1.4.0

  • + Added ability to assign action to be triggered when user select some of choices
  • ^ General GUI improvement for version 1.4.0
  • ^ Do not load CSS files of EXTFW if not necessary
  • ^ Improved assets loading in ext. framework and make change to sample component accordingly
  • ^ Improved the main menu
  • ^ Updated installer to remove cached latest version file after installation complete
  • ^ Updated Uniform component to be installable into and executable on Joomla 3.1
  • # Fixed a bug JSN UniForm menus jump on joomla 3.0
  • # Fixed a bug wrong action when click on submenu Form of Menu button of Form settings
  • # Fixed a bug when open submenu -> text will display over submenu items
  • # Fixed a bug do not display thumbnail icon for submenu of top menu Uniform
  • # Fixed a bug wrong position of submeu Form / Create new form
  • # Fixed a bug when select both options Required and Hidden -> Can not submit Frond end form

Version 1.3.0

  • ^ General GUI improvements
  • ^ Form field "Addedress" improvement
  • ^ Form field "Number" improvement
  • ^ Improve field "Name"
  • ^ Form field "Date/Time" improvements
  • ^ Improve fields "Single Line Text" and "Paragraph Text"
  • ^ Improve update / upgrade screens
  • ^ Improve JSN Installer to cache JoomlaShine product version when checking dependency
  • ^ Improve JSN Installer to backup existing dependency params before update
  • ^ Improve JSN Installer and update library to clean-up junk files after installation / updating completed
  • ^ Improve extension's dependency version checking process to disable the auto-update feature
  • ^ Improve dependency installation routine to validate tmp_path value after looking for downloaded package fail
  • + Added confirmation feature to field "Email"
  • + Added front-end view to present submissions list
  • +^ Added option to change text "Others"
  • # Fix bug of disable plugin when component removed
  • # Fix bug when enable debug mode in submission form page
  • # Fix bug with height of properties modal window

Version 1.2.1

  • ^ Improved GUI of "Form Style" modal window
  • ^ General code improvements
  • ^ Improved JSN Installer to switch to manual download when installation fail
  • + Added the ppssibility to allow user to Added data submitted thru upload form to submission email notification
  • + Removed redundant CSS asset calling
  • # Fixed a bug when creating sample popular "Voting Form"
  • # Fixed bugs in language files
  • # Fixed a bug in Horizontal displaying Form

Version 1.2.0

  • ^ Improved update notification mechanism
  • ^ Updated JSN Installer to update language file in Joomla's language folder after updating an extension
  • ^ Improved JSN Installer to return clearer message when installation fail
  • ^ Updated XML manifest file of sample component to define client="site" for all dependencies
  • ^ Updated JSN Installer to cover update dependency that is recently Added client="site" attribute
  • + Added New language "Serbian (sr-SR)" & "Croatian (hr-HR)"
  • + Added Form style customization
  • # Fixed a bug title button "next & prev"

Version 1.1.0

  • + Added predefined fields for some popular forms
  • + Added a new advanced field "Phone"
  • + Added a new advanced form field "Currency"
  • + Added an option year range form field "date"
  • + Added the new language "Bulgarian (bg-BG)"
  • # Fixed a bug change text button and fix bug JSON IE7
  • # Fixed a bug "unexpected T_PROTECTED, expectiong T_STRING or T_VARIABLE" in jsninstalller.php

Version 1.0.6

  • + Added a new form field "Phone"
  • + Added permanent "Submit" button to form design panel
  • + Added mobile support for front-end form presentation
  • ^ Merged static fields to single field "Static Content
  • ^ Overall code improvements
  • ^ Improved form field "Date" to have time selector
  • ^ Improved the Number field to allow save all numbers
  • ^ Added the script check max length characters & word
  • # Fixed a bug delete the heading field joomla 3.0
  • # Fixed a bug cookie and bug .htaccess

Version 1.0.5

  • + Added editor plugin to easily Added syntax
  • + Added new form field "List"
  • + Added parameter to control data format to form field "Date"
  • + Added pricing information to upgrading page
  • + Added edition on component description
  • + Allowed form element title to be taken from User language files
  • + Added excel and cvs export feature
  • + Added plugin suport attribute placeholder IE
  • + Added more options to field "Dropdown"
  • ^ Updated component, plugin to check and enable if JSN FrameWork plugin is disabled
  • ^ Allowed to edit submission details
  • ^ Allowed static field type to Added hr
  • ^ Added theme Light and Dark
  • # Fixed a bug: "Edit email content" layout is broken when Joomla's editor is set to None
  • # Fixed the compatibility bug of JSN Installer when running in IIS server with RequestFilteringModule enabled

Version 1.0.4

  • ^ Translated JSN UniForm to German
  • ^ Change tipsy hint
  • # Fixed version sample data bug
  • # Fixed a bug in JSN UniForm content plugin
  • # Fixed a bug redirect url

Version 1.0.3

  • + Added parameter to turn off footer copyright statement
  • + Created version JSN UniForm for Joomla 3.0
  • + Translated JSN Uniform documentation to German
  • + Updated sql check if exists table
  • ^ Improved default email notification
  • ^ Added hint to all parameters in form
  • ^ Optimized form generation process
  • ^ Updated the installer
  • # Fixed a bug of incorrect error message on Website field
  • # Fixed a bug message captcha
  • # Fixed a bug on update version: move files upload

Version 1.0.2

  • + Updated JS file of installer
  • ^ Improved form field "File Upload"
  • # Fixed a bug to submit action in content plugin and module
  • # Fixed a bug on uninstallation: only remove JSN Framework if no JSN existed
  • # Fixed a bug with cannot edit or Added a form when error_reporting was enabled
  • # Fixed a bug of PHP notice preventing AJAX to perform
  • # Fixed a bug with form presentation in IE8

Version 1.0.1

  • ^ Minor code improvements and bug fixes
  • # Fixed a bug on manual installation Dependency package when Magic Quote is "On"

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version 3.1.7

  • #Fixed submission bug in IE 11
  • #Fixed some CSS style