Looking for Free Joomla Templates? We have something better

Dear friends,

11 years in the Joomla business, we went with the Freemium business model from day one, and it worked well for us.

11 years devoted to JoomlaShine, we have seen all the up and down of this model. The Free version helps you have a complete experience with our products, but it also limits our ability to communicate with you effectively, to give you the needed support in time.

To build a Joomla website, you have to overcome a lot of unwanted issues along the way. An easy-to-use, optimized product isn't enough. There are many free customers need faster, and more dedicated support from our team.

Therefore, we believe this is the perfect time to change.

We have replaced the Free version with a new version - Lite.

This version comes with limited features (Customize the layout, sample data, optimized code, etc.), but there will be a small fee to justify the support from us. With Lite, you will have 3 months of getting premium support from our experienced developers. Not only solving the product problem, but also we will help you with Joomla issues, website idea, and so on.

Switching to Lite has put us to a new challenge - to ensure you get the quality experience before making any decision. Thus, there will be a lot of improvement to come, start with a separated demo admin in every template for you to try out.

Like John D. Rockefeller once said: "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

So as JoomlaShine, we aim for the greater products, and we change for the better.

I hope you have a fantastic experience with Lite.

David Nguyen, CEO

What do you think about our Lite version?